Friday, August 25, 2017

Oz Naturopath Bodnar Pleads Guilty

here, justice-of-a-kind:

001. at, we're told in "Naturopath Put Mum on Extreme Diet, Causing Her Baby to Starve" (2017-08-24):

"a naturopath [...] Marilyn Bodnar of Leppington in Western Sydney [...] has pleaded guilty to instructing a breast-feeding mother to go on an extreme diet which left her baby dangerously underweight [...] following lengthy negotiations with prosecutors [...she] plead guilty to a lesser charge of aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring the mother to fail to provide for the necessities of life [...] Bodnar still practises as a naturopath but has been banned from treating children.  She will face sentencing proceedings on March 29 next year [...]";

wow, them be some slow turning wheels of justice-of-a-kind.  What are people still lining up saying: 'give me the dumb-assedness' like you gave to that infant?
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