Sunday, October 8, 2017

Demystifying Naturopathy With Opacity: MUIH Dean via

here, an example of the 'typical shallow understanding' of a reporter concerning naturopathy's big ruse aka 'missing the big scoop that lands at your doorstep':

001. Pete Pichaske reports at in "MUIH Dean Demystifies Naturopathic Medicine" (2017-10-05) [2017 archived]: 

"next fall, the Maryland University of Integrative Health in North Laurel will open the Mid-Atlantic’s first school of naturopathic medicine, training its first professionals in this field of alternative medicine [...]"; 

would you trust your health to someone who claims anything is scientifically supported?  Even what's truly BOGUS? 

"what exactly is a naturopathic doctor, and what does one do? Elizabeth Pimentel, dean of the school and a naturopathic doctor herself, explains what patients need to know [...] naturopathic medicine focuses on prevention, treatment and whole-person health, according to Pimentel, and emphasizes the innate wisdom of the body and the healing power of nature [...] 'individuals’ inherent self-healing process' [...]";

well, what you ACTUALLY exactly need to know is that naturopathy is an unethical sectarian pseudoscience.  So it is exactly naturopathic to CODE their vitalistic premise HPN and then present that coding as EXACT.

"'both naturopathic doctors and conventionally trained doctors are grounded in the same biomedical sciences and Western understanding of disease, diagnosis and physical examination' Pimentel says [...]";

that's BULLSHIT.  For instance, that CODED vitalistic premise is science-ejected and its the CORE of naturopathy.  When the science-ejected and -exterior are falsely posed at the doctoral level as science, well, I don't think that's "SAME".  That is naturopathy's essential grift.

"'naturopathic doctors follow a therapeutic order that begins with the least invasive therapy first,' Pimentel explains [...]";

explains PARTLY because, within that TO is that science-ejected vitalism.  ND Pimentel is a 1995 ND graduate of Bastyr. Here EXACTLY is that science-ejected vitalism in that TO by way of the AANP [here] as written by both the ND founder of Bastyr and Bastyr ND graduate Snider. 

"treatment plans often include [...] homeopathic remedies [...]";

the cardinal sign of naturopathy's bogosity. H.L. Mencken would not be proud.  So much could have been talked about journalistically.  Instead, this is an ad.

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