Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Naturopathic Medicine Week 2017: Bastyr's NMW Video Falsely Claiming Homeopathic Efficacy

here, typical naturopathic misrepresentation and opacity:

001. at YouTube, on the account Bastyr University, there's the video "Naturopathic Medicine Modalities Bastyr University" (2017-10-09) [save 2017-10-09]:


"[from the description] in honor of Naturopathic Medicine Week, Bastyr is focusing on 5 of the many modalities practiced by our students and naturopathic physicians. Our modalities reflect the diversity of our medicine in its wonderful ability to treat the root cause of disease [...]";

so there's a claim of 'getting at it.'  And you'd hope that that doesn't involve magic carpets, unicorn tears, and magic beans.

[from the video] homeopathy is practiced all over the world [...] we can pick a remedy that has a similar characteristic that not only helps the symptom it helps many other things like energy, well-being, mental clarity, all kinds of things like that [...]";

and so, a wacky 'of magic carpets, unicorn tears, and magic beans' supposed therapy, homeopathy, which Bastyr quite falsely terms "science-based".

"behavioral medicine [...] the patient as a whole being [...] mind, body, the physical and the spiritual, mental and emotional and so forth [...]";

now, the only thing I'll say about the supernatural is that Bastyr places it within the "science-based", and their ain't no bigger doctoral level fully accredited falsehood in terms of epistemology out there that I know of.  I fully respect people's freedom of belief, but when posed as a scientific fact, isn't that a kind of loss of freedom to believe or not?

"[and we're show the logo] vis medicactrix naturae [...]";

without explanation or contextualization.  And VMN is their vital force, falsely claimed as "science-based" when in fact a belief system.  See a pattern? Naturopathic medicine week: because you don't deserve to know, objectively, what is and what isn't true scientifically speaking and your freedom of belief doesn't matter to them.

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