Saturday, January 13, 2018

CSICON 2017 Britt Hermes Presentation Now Up at YouTube

here, a link to a former-ND's critical and warning lecture: 

001. at the YouTube account Center for Inquiry, there's "The Bloody Work of 'Naturopathic Doctors'" (uploaded 2018-01-12):

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"[the description tells us] Britt Hermes is a writer, scientist, and former naturopathic doctor. She practiced as a licensed naturopath in the United States for three years and then left the profession after realizing naturopathy is a pseudoscientific ideology. She now writes to expose issues with naturopathy, the current rising profession in alternative medicine. Britt’s writings can be found at Forbes, Science 2.0, KevinMD, and Science-Based Medicine." 

check it out!

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