Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Naturopathy is Not a Health Science - Current Wikipedia Roster

here, the most obvious in terms of epistemic deviance:

001. at Wikipedia, there's "Outline of Health Sciences" with the section "branches of health sciences";

there, there is NO MENTION of naturopathy.  Actually, it's not even on the page anywhere. And naturopathy's homeopathy is in the section "alternative medicine and pseudosciences."  And the main entry at Wikipedia for homeopathy labels it a pseudoscience.

002. obvious immediate institutional overreaches [I'm being polite]:

002.a. the University of Bridgeport:

which has QUITE WRONGLY placed naturopathy and its homeopathy within a "division of health sciences". 

002.b. the National University of Health Sciences:

which has also QUITE WRONGLY placed naturopathy and its homeopathy under that "health sciences" umbrella.

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