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Cutlery & Cultlery: Spoon- and 'Knowledge Type-' Bending per Randi on Canada's New Minister for Science & Technology, UB's ND, & WTF!:

after reading this shocking bit of Canadian bad news via the JREF as regards Goodyear [see 001., below] with its reference to cutlery, a few associations occurred: my peripheral, first-hand involvement with Randi, Geller, and cutlery [see 002., below]; my history with University of Bridgeport cultlery and similarly 'not science credentialed' quackademics [see 003., below]; and furthermore, per such 'naturopathy pseudoscience cultlery', I am reminded of Kim Atwood's 2008 labeling of naturopathy as a "pseudoscientific cult" and my 2002 Connecticut deposition wherein I labeled UB's ND program "cultic mystical weirdness" [see 004., below]:

001. James "The Amazing" Randi writes in "Canada Officially Goes Woo-Woo" {2008-11-26}:

"the newly-elected Canadian government has officially declared that science is not a subject of importance to the citizens of the country, that no well-informed person is in charge of science education, and that the country has opted to take a back seat among the civilized nations of the world, in that respect [...] prime minister Stephen Harper [...] has selected a man without any science credentials, not a scientist nor a technologist, to serve as Minister of State for Science and Technology [...] his qualifications for this critical position? [...] Goodyear is a practicing acupuncturist and chiropractor! Neither acupuncture nor chiropractic have any supporting evidence, they are both internationally recognized examples of quackery [...having been] tested endlessly all over the world [...& having] failed all examinations [...] however, the rumor that Harper is planning to appoint Uri Geller as Minister of State for Cutlery, is a base canard."

Note: your WTF moment may be 'how does one become the steward of an area of knowledge one hasn't qualifications within?' Keep in mind that Geller is the [in]famous 'psychic spoonbender' whom Randi has thoroughly debunked [it's a trick -- PARTICULARLY it's not 'psychic force' at work] much as acupuncture-, chiropractic- and naturopathy-as-cure-alls have been debunked / are essentially unsupported in their essential woo [science-wise: they don't work as cure-alls, and their supposed mechanisms are Tooth Fairy-isms -- PARTICULARLY, there's no healing chi / 'innate intelligence' force {vital forces} at work].

002. speaking of cutlery, I've been with Randi while we've [and I mean WE'VE!!!] performed Geller-esque, but not psychically miraculous, spoon-bending feats under the tutelage of Dr. Wiseman:


003. naturopathic cultlery at UB and the Goodyear-esque:

003.a. cultlery:

there is no better term I can manufacture for this area of PROFOUNDLY science-ejected knowledge that claims -- remarkably, falsely; at 'university doctoral level' -- current scientific status than CULTLERY. Knowledge-categories are bent and pawned off fraudulently at the graduate doctoral level, much like a Geller spoon is claimed to have been psychically bent when it's all merely a cheap, slight-of-hand parlor trick. To believe that UB naturopathy's science-ejected vitalism and such is science after studying science at the doctoral level, one would have to be like a brainwashed Jonestown acolyte -- able to swallow some seriously poisonous mindlessness, of a variety much more extreme than the people who gullibly believe spoons can be bent mentally.

003.b. the 'not science credentialed' running [supposed] "science":

003.b1. apparently, a Goodyear-esque "man without any science credentials" [they list only an ND] runs the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine per:

"[2008] are you interested in a career in a field of medicine that works to support the natural healing power of the body, mind, and spirit? In naturopathic medicine we call this Vis Medicatrix Naturae (the Healing Power of Nature) [VMN / HPN] and it is our guiding philosophy."

Note: "spirit" is explicit supernaturalism which is not science supported; the VMN / HPN concept -- contextually, within UB naturopathy, explicitly, is ACCORDING TO UB! -- the science-ejected concept of vitalism. But, perhaps things here are well-suited: 'a man without science credentials' runs a College whose sectarian premises are without similar. I call the UB pseudoscience phenomena 'the epistemic conflation of a school of though claiming to be scientific.' You can find the school's previous Dean's similar 'epistemic conflation' -- a similarly 'without science credentials' person claiming a professions-level scientific status for the science-ejected or nonscientific, here per:

"[2002] naturopathic medicine is a profession [ is] scientific medicine [...centered upon] Vis Medicatrix Naturae /Only Nature Heals."

003.b2. yes, all categorized as "science", still per:

"[2008] the University's professionally accredited health sciences programs are housed in the Fones School of Dental Hygiene, the College of Chiropractic, the College of Naturopathic Medicine, the Acupuncture Institute, and the Nutrition Institute."

Note: science? Bullshit, Will Robinson...

004. use of the word "cult" as regards naturopathy pseudoscience:

004.a. Atwood, per:

"[2008] another State promotes the pseudoscientific cult that is naturopathic medicine [...] I have continued to observe NDs’ cult-like behavior since then, and have seen no indication that they have begun to awaken from their collective, pseudoscientific stupor. "

004.b. myself:

"[2002 deposition] I'm embarrassed to have gone to a school that called itself health science and what I get is a whole bunch of cultic mystical weirdness [ ND is] a farce [...and] my professional track is also screwed up now, and its just been the most bizarre experience ever."

Note: word's that bring me great delight, yet, UB's 'epistemic conflation' / knowledge-type bending is sickening. In the process of that unsuccessful complaint, UB held up the 1997-1998 school catalog and pointed out that it states regarding naturopathy: "this is not a contract." So, in the sense of this amazing overall naturopathic pseudoscientific cultlery, I was told that I have less consumer / civil rights than someone on a used car lot, that UB had NO DUTY or professionalistic responsibility as regards this whole thing, which is the complete opposite of medical and academic professionalism***.

[***This was the capstone upon my whole 4-year UB experience, illustrating a simple fact from the University of Bridgeport 'top echelon' downward to the clinic conference room and naturopathy classroom:

this is an 'unethical sectarian pseudoscience'].

Amazing, buyer beware!!!

[more on such predation in future blog posts]

005. And yes, WTF.

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