Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Susan Jacoby on Pseudoscience - ISBN 0375423745, 2008:

Susan Jacoby writes in "The Age of American Unreason" (ISBN 0375423745; 2008):

"all real scientific research must be and is subjected to rigorous scrutiny by peers. That is what separates science from pseudoscience and junk thought. Without a basic understanding of what constitutes good science neither ordinary citizens nor the politicians who represent them can hope to make thoughtful judgments separating quacks, con men, and practitioners of bad science from thoughtful experts whose advice ought to be taken seriously. Intellectual quackery extends throughout the landscape of academia [p.250]."

Note: for an example of "intellectual quackery" in 'regionally-accredited, .gov-sanctioned, mainstream academia', naturopathy -- with its scientific labeling of the profoundly nonscientific -- does nicely.
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