Saturday, March 21, 2009's 'ND Superscience Claim', & Absurdity 2009:

here, I list the NDs on's advisory board [see 001., below], & I quote from their 'Morton article' that makes the 'ND superscience claim' [see 002., below]; then, I use a article by ND Pizzorno, who sits on that board, to 'decode naturopathy's central article of faith'; & finally, I issue a warning regarding this absurdity:

001. the advisory board of includes NDs:

Leon Chaitow; Carolyn Dean; Thomas Kruzel, "past president of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians"; Joseph Pizzorno, "co-author, A Textbook of Natural Medicine and Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine"; Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman.

Note: Chaitow, with Pizzorno, recently published, under Elsevier's "health sciences" imprint [ISYN!!!] "Naturopathic Physical Medicine" (ISBN 0443103909; 2008), which states:

"the naturopathic therapeutic order [...] tonify weakened systems [...] harmonize with the life force [p.011...] chi, prana, or the naturopathic 'vital force' is seen as an intelligent, organizing energy [see 003., below for my 'decoding']"

002. the article "Naturopathic Medicine" states:

"Bastyr University of Natural Health Sciences, a naturopathic medical school [...] graduates of accredited naturopathic medical colleges are required to have more hours of study in basic sciences and clinical sciences than graduates of Yale or Stanford medical schools [...] the underlying principle of the naturopathic system of medicine [...] to support the natural healing potential of the human body as validated by modern scientific research [...a] combination of the healing power of nature [HPN] and scientific methods [...] naturopathic medicine's basic principles are: 1. utilize the healing power of nature [...] vis medicatrix naturae [VMN...governing] the healing mechanisms of the body and mind [...] these inherent healing systems [...these] natural processes."

Note: this specific current page has been indexed by since 2001 and is archived since 1996.

003. decoding VMN-HPN via Pizzorno:

003.a. Pizzorno states at in "A Systems Approach to Wellness":

"[main tenet] Live in Harmony with Your Life-Force. Our beliefs, spiritual values [...] our life-force (or spirit) [...that regulates] our body's healing mechanisms [...] each of us needs to become more aware of the activity of the vis medicatrix naturae (life-force) deep within us."

Note: a summary label for what is at the center of naturopathic belief could be expressed like this: 'a purposeful life spirit governs the body'. This is an amalgam of: supernaturalism, vitalism, dualism, and teleology.

003.b. none of these beliefs have ACTUAL scientific support, while naturopathy claims that they are objective scientific fact.

004. so, when is:

something entirely not scientific falsely labeled scientific;

the supernatural labeled natural;

a claimed 'superscience status' totally bogus
because overlying it all is a sectarian belief amalgam?


Would you let someone diagnose and treat you when their entire worldview doesn't reasonably distinguish between a figmentation / superstition and what is actually real?
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