Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Naturopathy As "Evidence Based" - False, False, False:

Ian, H. (NMD SCNM) states in the Daily News-Sun as reported by Turner, E. (? ?) in "Doctor Uses Naturopathic Medicine to Complement Traditional Cancer Treatments" {2009-06-09}:

"Dr. Hanna Ian [] [...] believes in the power of naturopathic medicine [...quoting Ian] 'I would advocate that people make an informed choice [...] naturopathic medicine is evidence based. Were not just using folktales,' she said.' It's research-evidenced based.'"

Note: if you are actually informed, you know that naturopathy is belief-based [e.g., vitalism]. And, ironically, to 'believe in the power' is quite right: their 'healing power of nature' is the belief in a 'purposeful life spirit bioagency'. That is the core of naturopathy, and such is outside of science...NOT EVIDENCED. But, at the Dr.'s site, that vitalism is quite coded. So much for being informed.

When are figmentations / articles-of-faith evidence-based? Naturopathy.

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