Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Competition Science Vision" on the Science-Ejected: Vitalism, c. 1828:

"Competition Science Vision" [India?], "a specialized magazine for medical [school] entrance", states in "Chemistry" (2008-01):

"q: what was vital force theory [...a:] organic chemistry is defined as the chemistry of carbon compounds [...] Berzelius indicated [in 1815] that the organic compounds can only be synthesized in nature by living organisms under the influence of a mysterious force known as vital force, i.e., life force [...aka] vital force theory [...but] Wohler synthesized the first organic compound [in was] a serious blow to the vital force theory [in hindsight, not the the death blow!] and this theory was subsequently discarded [ decades ago!; p.1529]."

Note: historically speaking, the next two nails in the coffin for vitalism were thermodynamics and genetics. But, this science-ejected concept has refused to peacefully rest. E.g.: naturopathy claims the that such 'profoundly science-discarded' woo heartily survives scientific They are 'the education robbers'.
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