Sunday, June 21, 2009

Naturopathy is a "Harmful Pseudoscience" - Science-Based Pharmacy (2009-05-19):

Gavura, S. (? ?) states in "Ontario Government Repudiates Advice on Naturopathy" (2009-05-15):

"on May 11, the Ontario government announced sweeping new roles and responsibilities for health professionals in Ontario. But the most satisfying part was what the announcement DIDN’T mention. The government’s own advisers had previously recommended that naturopaths be granted the privilege to prescribe drugs. This advice was resoundingly rejected. Is the Ontario government starting to realize that naturopathy is harmful pseudoscience? Let’s hope so."

Note: the author reminds us "[that naturopathy's] homeopathy is recognized by the scientific community as disproven practice that involves the provision of placebo therapies." Homeopathy [amongst other woo] is why I left N.D. school: it is quite an ethically repugnant thing to claim that the inert is in fact proufoundly effective.

Overall, naturopaths, due to the falseness of their claim that the profoundly science-ejected is scientific, do not meet the ethical structures required of a professional.

Naturopathy is epistemologically repugnant.
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