Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Randi on Homeopathy - "Quackery, A Farce, A Fake, Flummery" 2009:

here, a quick quote from James Randi regarding the nonsense known as homeopathy:

001. Randi writes in "Homeopathy Qualifies for the Million Dollar Challenge":

"homeopathy is eligible for the million-dollar prize [MDP...] we've offered it on BBC, in print, by lectures, all over the world, and it [homeopathy] has always – 100% of the time – failed tests. It was reported as a failure in Nature Magazine [...] if anyone can show that homeopathy works, the James Randi Educational Foundation will pay them the million-dollar prize [...] homeopathy DOES NOT WORK. It's quackery, pure and simple. It's a farce, a fake, and flummery. Prove it works, and win the million dollars."

Note: of course, the naturopaths claim homeopathy is a "clinical science":

"the core clinical science examination is a case-based examination that covers the following topics [...which includes] homeopathy."

002. Let's think:

since NDs claim they are science experts, and that homeopathy is science, why haven't they claimed the $?

If homeopathy is science, IT IS ALREADY SUPPORTED BY EVIDENCE.

The MDP would be easy winnings.

Something smells HUGELY fishy about naturopathy.
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