Friday, September 25, 2009

PalMD on HuffPo's Homeopath Dana Ullman - 'A Dangerous, Idiotic Twit':

PalMD writes in "A New Low At HuffPo":

"Dana Ullman [...] has started blogging at the Huffington Post [...] the stupid truly burns brightly in this one [...that's] certainly an appropriate venue for his brand of cult medicine belief [...and his] stunning level of ignorance of basic human biology [...we know] there is a science to medicine -- our instincts and hunches often betray us, and only by studying the body systematically can we form valid conclusions. Or, if you're lazy or deceitful, you can just make shit up. Which brings us to Dana Ullman [...and his] ignorant load of horse shit [...] one can view the human body in one of two fundamental ways: as a typical biological organism that is subject to the usual laws of physics, chemistry, and biology, and therefore understandable through systematic investigation; or as some sort of mystical thing infused with an elan vital, subject to the whims of the supernatural and fundamentally mysterious. It's pretty easy to verify which is a better model of reality, and which is a fundamentally arbitrary fantasy [...] confounding a reaction with a purposeful, beneficial response is idiotic ['s a] type of teleologic[al] thinking [that] is child-like [...] Dana Ullman is an ignorant twit who leads a fringe medical cult which promulgates dangerous falsehoods [...per] his pet medical cult, homeopathy."

Note: one of the central reasons I left naturopathy was due to its cultic, vitalistic & teleological supernaturalism falsely postured as 'science not belief'. The retardedness known as homeopathy is actually labeled a science by naturopathy.
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