Thursday, September 24, 2009

Decoding Naturopathy's Science-Mislabeled Vitalism - Meyer, M. (ND UBCNM):

here, I analyze the verbiage of a University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine ND graduate Melanie Meyer who disguises naturopathy's essential vitalism and mislabels the naturopathic as scientific [as she was trained / miseducated to do]:

001. Meyer, M. (ND UBCNM) states in "About Naturopathic Medicine":

"there are six principles that serve as the foundation of naturopathic care [...#2] the healing power of nature - vis medicatrix naturae [...this is] at the core of naturopathic philosophy is the belief that human beings have an innate ability to heal [...] education: naturopathic doctors [...are educated within] a basic biomedical science foundation."

002. lets analyze this:

002.a. VMN, according to this ND's alma mater, UB, is the concept of vitalism.

002.b. also according to UB, naturopathy essentially is science.

002.c. but, most interesting, national science organizations such as the National Center for Science Education and the National Association of Biology Teachers emphasize that vitalistic theory is OUTSIDE of science / NOT science.

Note: this consensus statement was made before UBCNM opened / was approved by the State of Connecticut.

003. so, again, naturopathy falsely labeling as science what is hugely the science-ejected.
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