Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Homeopathy As "Unscientific, Absurd" - The Daily Mail 2010-01-22

the UK's Daily Mail reports in "Skeptics Plan 'Mass Overdose' in Protest Against Homeopathic Medicine" (2010-01-22):

"hundreds of homeopathy skeptics are planning a 'mass overdose' of [these] pills in protest at the continued marketing of these 'useless' medicines by high street chemist Boots [...] to prove that the medicines are ineffective [...] 10.23 has accused Boots of profiting from what is an 'unscientific and absurd pseudoscience' [...] the remedies have literally nothing in them [...] in October [...] Boots' professional standards director Paul Bennett told a committee of MPs [...of the] House of Commons Science and Technology Committee [...] that there was no medical evidence that homeopathic pills and potions work [...per] 'I have no evidence to suggest that they are efficacious'".

Note: meanwhile, naturopathy claims that this "unscientific" junk and "absurd pseudoscience" is a clinical science.
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