Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Futuyma's "Evolution" - No Supernaturalism or Teleology in Science - ISBN 9780878932238:

here, I point out the simple fact that supernaturalism and teleology (both cosmic and physiological) are exterior to science [see 001., below]; meanwhile, naturopathy claims that its supernaturalism and physiological teleology [see 002., below] are indeed scientific [see 003, below]:

001. Futuyma, D.J. (PhD{zoology} UM) states in "Evolution" (2009, 2nd ed.):

"'Darwin’s dangerous idea' as the philosopher Daniel Dennett (1995) has called it [...] explains the apparent design of the living world without recourse to a supernatural, omnipotent designer [p.279...] supernatural processes cannot be the subject of science [...] Darwin offered a purely natural, materialistic alternative to the argument from design, he [...] brought every aspect of the study of life into the realm of science [...per] the completely mindless process of natural selection [...] this process cannot have a goal [that is, it is not teleological...] for the future cannot cause material events in the present [...] the concepts of goals or purposes have no place in biology (or in any other of the natural sciences), except in studies of human behavior [p.282...] evolution does not have goals [p.299]".

Note: obviously, legitimate life science excludes supernaturalism and cosmic teleology.  For this textbook's homepage, click here,  This chapter is available courtesy of NCSE and Sinauer. Click here for their blogpost, and here for the chapter as pdf.

002. meanwhile, naturopathy is based upon supernaturalism and 'physiological teleology'.  Naturopathy's essential belief is an amalgam of vitalism, spiritism, and teleology. As Gerstmar, T.J. (ND Bastyr 2008) states in:  

002.a. "FAQ":

"vitalism is the philosophy that guides naturopathic care. In this philosophy, spirit (intelligence) is the basis of life. We are spirit that gives rise to atoms and molecules [!!!]. The body possesses an innate intelligence [and is therefore physiologically intelligent, and therefore purposeful / goal capable] and ability to heal itself [the goal...] imbalances on any level (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual) can lead to disease [...] as natural healers we follow a vitalist philosophy that says that your body has the power and intelligence to heal itself [a purposefulness / goal-directedness towards healing]. We use natural therapies that remove blockages to that healing power and stimulate the body to heal itself. We avoid methods which suppress or distort that healing power."

Note: so we have vitalism conflated with spiritism and physiological teleology.

002.b. "Introduction":

"we believe that people are composed of body, mind, and spirit and that problems arising in one area affect the other areas [...] our philosophy and approach allows our patients to live to their fullest capacity: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and physically."

Note: again, supernaturalism.

002.c. "Why See Us?":

"because we practice holistic medicine, medicine that is oriented to the physical, the emotional, the mental, the energetic, and the spiritual."

Note: again, supernaturalism.  I'd also argue that the "energetic" is a code for naturopathy's vitalistic and physiological teleology aspects.

003. and of course, naturopathy ridiculously places the label "science" upon all this science-exterior sectarianism.
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