Saturday, February 6, 2010

Imaginary Prophylaxis: Homeopathy Instead of Vaccination - ND Cage, President CNDA:

here, I cite from the website of the President of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association [CNDA] regarding vaccination [see 001., below]; then, from a recent editorial in the San Fransisco Chronicle [see 002., below]; and again, from this ND who promotes homeopathy-as-a-vaccine-replacement [see 003., below]:

001. Cage, A. (ND SCNM 2002) states in "Vaccinations, Natural Immunity and Patient Rights":

"the vaccination process [...] bypasses all the body's outer defenses [and is therefore bad...vaccination] injects pathogenic organisms directly into the bloodstream [bullshit]. To make matters worse, most modern vaccinations are multi-valent [...] consist[ing] of multiple pathogenic organisms, which arrive in the body's bloodstream, at full strength [bullshit...] these pathogens have the full run of the body until the immune system can respond [...and] most of these vaccines contain various preservatives and other contaminants, such as the poison mercury, which can cause their own health problems."

Note: this sounds very false, as well as very antivax.  His facts are simply WRONG.  Vaccines are attenuated, which means that they are not full strength at all.  Therefore, vaccines are not pathogenic, because they are made to import immunity without pathosis. This sounds like typical ND science-illiteracy bullshit posturing as expertise.  The CDC has a web page "Vaccine Safety", if you want some legitimate expertise.

002. the San Fransisco Chronicle has an editorial today, "A Reality Check on Autism and Vaccines", which states:

"many worried and angry parents of an autistic child believe that vaccines may cause the disease. But it's pure myth - disproved by numerous studies and now a final slap from a British journal disowning a report that started the dangerous nonsense.  Will these parents accept reality - and allow their children to receive shots against a dozen or more illnesses? And will fringe groups [naturopathy, anyone?] that play to fears of autism give up their indefensible claims? [naturopathy, anyone?...] the Wakefield study provided an easy and dramatic message: shots [supposedly] cause autism. Avoid vaccines and save your child from the troubling condition. It's [supposedly] a scientific fact confirmed by a doctor. His findings expanded on other, equally ungrounded fears about other contaminants in vaccines [!!!]. But it was pure quackery [ was] a flawed theory [...and all about] a disregard for science [naturopathy, anyone?]."

003. ND Cage tells us on the same page as 001.:

"treat prophylactically with homeopathy [that is, inert 'remedies'] during known outbreaks of infectious diseases [so you can falsely believe you are protected!!!...] homeopathy has been used as a preventive measure during known epidemics and has been shown to reduce both the incidence of diseases and the severity in people who do catch the illness [so why does Boots Pharmacy state otherwise?].  Treat prophylactically with homeopathy according to a schedule [so, endanger children!!!]. This in essence is similar to the vaccination process, but without the side effects of the vaccinations [and without any immunity imparted!!!]."

Note: we are told at ND Cage's biography page:

"he is currently a contributing author to the Foundations Project, a collaborative, international effort to produce a new textbook on naturopathic philosophy [which I am eager to read!!! I'll add it to my collection of ND absurdities], which is a synthesis of the traditions of naturopathic medicine [sectarian articles of faith and sCAM] and the advances of modern science [junk thought, like the above!!!]. Dr. Cage's chapter is on the Physics of the Vital Force." 

Yes, naturopathy's vitalism will be interpreted through physics.  That is, the science-ejected placed into science as if -- by a nonphysicist.  If forces belong in physics, and there is no such thing as a life force, hmmm.  Doesn't seem that vitalism-within-science can happen.  I'm thinking that the scientific basis for the science-ejected / science-unsupported is INSANE.

That's naturopathy.  INSANE.
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