Friday, February 5, 2010

UK BHA Homeopaths 'Misrepresented Science':

here, I cite from an article recently published in The Guardian concerning homeopathy and its homeopatheticness:

Ian Sample (? ?) reports in "Homeopathic Society 'Misled' MPs in Inquiry" (2010-02-05):
"the British Homeopathic Association has been accused of misrepresenting scientific evidence on alternative medicine in documents it gave to a parliamentary inquiry [...] 'it is extremely disappointing to be fed misrepresentations of science, whether it's deliberate or incompetence,' said Evan Harris MP, science spokesman for the Lib Dems and a member of the parliamentary committee [...] Edzard Ernst, a scientist who investigates complementary medicine [...] said the BHA's interpretation of his study was 'grossly misleading' because they failed to mention important caveats published in the study [...] homeopathic treatments are usually made by diluting a substance so much there are no molecules of the original ingredient left. In November the chief pharmacist at Boots, Paul Bennett, told the inquiry he had no evidence that homeopathy works."

Note: "nothing", of course, doesn't work.

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