Monday, February 1, 2010

Rebecca Watson on Carpool - Great Skeptical Edutainment, But Let's Get Naturopathy Right:

here, I'm being picky because I think naturopathy was let off easy by Rebbecca Watson when she was recently on Robert Llewellyn's Carpool talking [at one point] about homeopathy nonsense: 

001. Phil Plait has embedded the episode at Discover Magazine's Bad Astronomy in the post "Rebecca Teaches a Low Mass Star About Skepticism" and Rebecca Watson [R.W.] similarly at Skepchick in the post "I'm on Carpool With Robert Llewellyn":

"[R.W.] I remember actually taking homeopathic remedies because in Seattle it was just taken for granted [09.46...] nobody knew what homeopathy was [10.00...] a lot a people still today assume that homeopathy is just naturopathyUsing natural ingredients to heal yourself.  That's not what it is [10.16]."

Note: well, I'd add that there is nothing "natural" about the 'nature' of naturopathy, not in the post-Enlightenment sense, so to speak.  Since naturopathy includes the supernatural / figmentatious as natural [and actually as scientific as well], naturopathy is as absurd and sectarian and as irrational as homeopathy.  It has often been commented that alternative medicine has hugely won the language battle.  I recommend the principles webpage at National College of Natural Medicine, once called National College of Naturopathic Medicine, for direct verbiage which places the hugely science-ejected and sectarian vitalistic and supernaturalistic falsely within science.  When you get "inside" naturopathy, it is the worst kind of junk thought posing as science and medicine. E.g.: at NCNM's page we are falsely told that a "life force" or "vital force" [and such figmentations as "spirit"] are objective scientific fact when in fact they are hugely outside of science.  And yes, there you can read about the essential homeopathy of naturopathy, which naturopathy claim's on their NPLEX board exam is a "science".  Additionally, at that NCNM page, they claim that homeopathy is "powerful".

002. R.W. will always be famous in my head for getting married live in front of myself and everyone else attending that TAM.  And for being on Carpool.  Cheers R.W.

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