Sunday, January 31, 2010

Naturopathy's Essential Vitalism Irrationality – ND Kellerstein in NDNR 2010-01:

In “Why Waste Time?” (Naturopathic Doctor News and Review 2010-01, p.019), Kellerstein, J. (DC CMCC 1980, ND CCNM 1984), “the first Chairman of the Department of Homeopathy with the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine", states:

“[regarding] today's homeopathic education […student question] Hahnemann continues to expound that the vital force [blah blah blah...Kellerstein] the vital force can only be sustained [blah blah blah...Kellerstein directly quoting Hahnemann] aphorism 9: in the healthy human state, the spirit-like life force (autocracy) that enlivens the material organism [blah blah blah...Kellerstein] the mind (in-dwelling rational spirit) and the vital force are very different [...] Hahnemann's idea of the vital force was not spiritual but spirit-like. This means immaterial or invisible […] the footnote to the first aphorism is testimony to the view of Hahnemann. He wanted a practice of medicine founded only on the fully observable with no speculative filters in the way of pure observation.”

Note: such vitalistic-spiritism, as I call it, is profoundly science-ejectedScience has rejected vitalism for several decades, and supernaturalism for a few hundred years.  The larger issue here, though, is the lack of sanity within naturopathy's calculus.   NDs apparently do not think cogently:
a) since when is the immaterial and invisible [immeasurable figmentation] also fully and purely observable [actual]?
b) but, then again, the school I went to in Connecticut is no less irrational / absurd [cultic], wherein the vitalistic and supernatural are falsely labeled science.
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