Friday, July 16, 2010

Germany Too! 'Homeopathy is Pseudoscience' -, 2010-07-013's Cyrus Farivar writes in "Homeopathy Draws Ire of German Government Officials" [vsc 2010-07-16]:

"[homeopathy] the 200-year-old dubious [more like implausible] medical treatment may soon be dropped from German medical insurance providers as a cost-saving measure. The United Kingdom may also do the same […] its detractors, including nearly all medical doctors and scientists, say that it is no more powerful than a placebo […] Dr. Karl Lauterbach, the chair of the parliamentary health committee […and] a medical doctor and an adjunct professor of health policy at Harvard University in the United States […] recently called for public health insurers to stop funding the practice […] health insurers are dignifying homeopaths through their actions […] the public should not be forced to fund a dubious medical treatment […] there is no scientific evidence to suggest that homeopathy actually causes any meaningful and healing bio-chemical reactions in patients […] in 200 years, the pseudo-science has not taken any steps forward."
Note: true.
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