Sunday, August 29, 2010

An Example from Bob Park on Heroic Whistleblowing: Hauser's Graduate Students

here, I excerpt from a recent What's New by Bob Park [see 001., below]; then, I connect it to naturopathy misconduct [see 002., below]:

"Misconduct: Graduate Students Emerge as the Heroes. Renowned Harvard psychology professor Marc Hauser, author of 'Moral Minds: How Nature Designed Our Universal Sense of Right and Wrong' (Ecco, 2006), wrote that 'our moral instincts are immune to the explicitly articulated Commandments handed down by religions and governments.' I agree with his conclusion, and so indeed did the two Catholic seminary teachers I wrote about in "Superstition: Belief in the Age of Science," (Princeton, 2008), except that Hauser and I believe it to be an instinct shaped by evolution, while the two priests said it was 'written in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.' Details. It is often referred to by the faithful as 'the moral law.' Hauser thought other primates must exhibit similar instincts, but fudged his experiments with New World monkeys to show it. It was his own students, who protested, first to Hauser and then to the Dean, that the experiments showed just the opposite. As Eric Felten wrote in this morning's Wall Street Journal, they 'risked their careers and reputations to blow the whistle on him. They are the scientists to celebrate.'"

002. here's the Naturocrit connection:  my continuous whistle-blowing on AANP-AANMC naturopathy misconduct!

so, for the thousandth time or so, I'll reiterate a central issue that makes naturopathy, even of the 'big-six accreditation' type............absurd, and in that sense, hugely 'of misconduct' and falsehood:

a science label is placed upon the hugely science-ejected [the vitalistic, the supernatural and kind] and then this false labeling is traded upon academically and clinically.
The more absurd thing about naturopathy is this: experiments weren't ever done to then fudge the results of to:
There misconduct is of a lazier type, never doing science but instead writing a bunch of blather as if science is a letterhead and magically then anything written on the page beneath that label is then 'in-evidence.'

I go way back with this gross naturopathy misconduct, e.g.:

[where I went to school in 1998] you'd think, in all this time that has passed and due to so many so-called regulators having scrutinized the college / university [there's misconduct too], they are being accurate when they label naturopathy in this here 2010 web page "science" [vsc 2010-08-29] 
and in this here printed 1997 web page "science-based [...] not a belief system."

But, labeling the nonscientific science is absurd, false, and at this level of 'medical' doctoral so-called physicianship -- gross misconduct and such.
And the racket continues.  So does the whistle-blowing.

One difference may be this: my college, unlike Harvard, had no internal processes for grievance and actively legally fought my truthful criticism of their fraud and they won.

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