Tuesday, August 31, 2010

UB's New ND Description (2010) - What They Don't Tell You

here, I analyze the language of the University of Bridgeport's [UB] 2010 description of their N.D. program that's offered by their College of Naturopathic Medicine within their Division of Health Sciences [see 001., below]; then I provide some ACTUAL detail / elucidation [see 002., below]:

001. UB states in "Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.): Program Details" [vsc 2010-08-29]:

"are you interested in a career in a field of medicine that works to support the natural healing power [NHP, coded vitalism] of the body, mind, and spirit [BMS, supernaturalism]? In naturopathic medicine we call this vis medicatrix naturae (the healing power of nature) [therein VMN-HPN is an amalgam of vitalism and spiritism, minimally], and it is our guiding philosophy [required sectarian central belief / standard of naturopathic practice].

are you interested in a profession [professions claim] that serves humanity [!] with both ancient tradition and modern science [aka blended knowledge...] we embrace the old and the new [...] this blend of old and new [...] modern biomedical science and diagnosis [...blended with archaic] philosophies and healing modalities [...which is] the medicine required to meet the challenge of the twenty-first century [!...]

the College of Naturopathic Medicine at the University of Bridgeport [...offers] a program of professional education [again, that professions claim] to prepare naturopathic physicians to provide compassionate healthcare that addresses the cause of disease [again, that VMN-HPN framing...]

the course of study is rigorous [!] as is appropriate [!] for the training of physicians [...]

the College of Naturopathic Medicine trains naturopathic physicians who practice medicine in a way that supports the inherent healing wisdom of nature [coded vitalism...] preparing them to become leaders in natural healthcare [naturopathy's false naturalistic language...]

the College provides an education of the highest standards [high standard claim], with academic and clinical training based on the principles and philosophy of naturopathic medicine [their sectarian belief amalgam framing...]

students are also encouraged to become honorable and dedicated professionals [again, professions claim], committed to serve their communities and the naturopathic profession [again, professions claim...]

the College conducts research to advance the understanding and knowledge of the natural health sciences [their overarching label for all this...]

the College of Naturopathic Medicine is accredited by the Connecticut State Department of Higher Education to offer the degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine [...and] the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME), which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education [their accomplices in all this absurdity]."

Note: yes, the word "details" was used.  But, why then do I have to elaborate, comment and elucidate?  But, I must, to provide detail / transparency.
002. elucidation regarding:

NHP / HPN-VMN [the naturopathic vitalism that dare not speak its science-ejected life force status!]: this is, preponderantly, a coding / camouflage for naturopathy's central belief in vitalismHere's my collection of such [including earlier UB pages that used "life force" in earlier VMN definitions] stated by naturopathy explicitly in other places.  Often naturopathy does not explain that VMN is an article of faith most akin to supernatural spiritism, wherein the body is governed by a 'life spirit' or 'life force' which is intelligent / purposeful.  I have often described this amalgam as 'purposeful life spirit' and that encompasses the concepts of vitalism, spiritism, and teleology.  In modern times, naturalism is not supernaturalism, but, herein, naturopathy labels supernaturalism with naturalistic language -- which is quite misleading and FALSE [also note that vitalism is quite science-ejected minimally for several decades].  The public is not informed of this material fact;
BMS [the science-ejected supernatuaralism that speaks volumes concerning naturopathy's pseudoscientific / 'epistemic conflation' status]: you will notice that the program is offered within the label of science, and here we have explicit supernaturalism, which is science-exterior and has been for hundreds of years [ah, the absurdity!].  The public is not informed of this material fact;
"profession": what kind of profession opaquely DECEIVES and engages in such transparent MANIPULATION?;

blended knowledge falsely labeled a specific kind of knowledge "rigorous" / "appropriate":  who needs such?  This is going to be good?  You will notice that THE hallmark of naturopathy is to study some science, study a bunch of nonscience, and then falsely label the whole muddle as science. And they diagnose and treat disease.  It is akin to a Ouija board and a laboratory test being equated, and then falsely labeled as both being scientific instruments.  Here's a great anecdote: I had an ND instructor at UB who diagnosed patients with a pendulum.  That's the knowledge conflation in a nutshell: science blended with nonscience and it all called science with the ND unable to distinguish because the blending has been done so thoroughly.

"natural health sciences": this is a false label, simply put.  The essential supernaturalism and vitalism alone knock naturopathy out of this category;

the accomplices: a very large number of local, state, and national persons and entities are as responsible for this nonsense as the immediate purveyors.
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