Saturday, August 14, 2010

Naturopathy's Coded Vitalism, Science-Expertise Claim, and Professions Claim - Chronogram Magazine 2010-07-28

Klosterman, L. (PhD{zoology} UC Berkeley) writes in "Naturopathic Medicine: A Holistic Profession You Need to Know About":

"[NYANP President  Wilson (ND Bastyr 2000)] 'naturopathic doctors are a group of highly trained professionals' [...] naturopathic doctors take four or five years of graduate-level classes in medical sciences [...] naturopaths work from the following set of foundational principles: [#1] the healing power of nature.  The body has an inherent ability to health itself, and seeks a healthy equilibrium; a naturopathic physician guides patients toward reestablishing health by addressing multiple facts that may be out of balance [coded vitalism...] the body's natural healing abilities [coded vitalism...] naturopathic doctors refer to the 'therapeutic order' when considering interventions."

Note: obviously, we have the label of "profession" and the claim of science expertise.  But, what profession codes its basic science-ejected premise deceptively?  HPN -- that science-ejected concept known as vitalism -- is not accurately communicated here.  The therapeutic order is also within a vitalistic context -- ye olde 'harmonize life forces'.  This is not journalism, this is propaganda.
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