Monday, August 16, 2010

Wherein Nonsense Metastasizes - Bastyr. U.'s New California Branch

here, I cite from the Bothell-Reporter / Kenmore-Reporter regarding Bastyr University's ND program expansion [see 001., below]; then, I dig up the grand old lie [see 002., below]:

001. in "Kenmore's Bastyr University to Open California Branch" [2010-08-13], the B-R / K-R states:

"offering the school's doctor of naturopathic medicine degree, Kenmore's Bastyr University plans to open a branch campus in the state of California, according to university President Daniel K. Church [...] 'we are thrilled to expand the university’s presence and provide prospective students greater access to Bastyr’s widely acclaimed naturopathic medicine program,' Church said [...] the state of California has experienced a 250-percent increase in the number of practicing naturopathic doctors over the last four years. Today, there are more than 400 licensed naturopathic doctors in California with approximately 350 actively practicing."

Note: that's a lot of woo.  "Widely acclaimed?"  No, widely misplaced acclaim -- unless irrationality and sectarian pseudomedical beliefs disguised as science-survivable are now exemplars.

002. as for my experience, a long time ago [1997 and still ticking], I trusted BU along with other AANP member schools as the AANP-Alliance to actually be describing themselves accurately and rationally.  Here's my most memorable lie by BU et al., wherein an ND is described as:

"naturopathic physician's are the modern day science based primary care doctor [...] it is not a belief system."

Note: yet, the principle idea at the heart of naturopathy -- which an ND is obligated to by oath -- is a belief that is science-ejected.

All this nonsense is still amazing to me.
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