Thursday, September 16, 2010

The AANMC's Claim that Naturopathy is Science-Based and Evidence-Based, 2010

here, I revisit the absurd claim by the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges [AANMC] that 'the essentially naturopathic [which is science-ejected] is science based':
001. AANMC writes in "Today's Naturopathic Doctors" [vsc 2010-09-16]:

"today’s naturopathic doctors (NDs) believe in understanding patients from the cellular level up [and] they actively pursue the latest biochemical findings relating to the workings of the body and the dynamics of botanical medicines, nutrition, homeopathy and other natural therapies. Their diagnoses and therapeutics are science based and increasingly evidence based."
Note: this science claim is crap.  And homeopathy is a placebo therapy, though naturopathy calls it a clinical science. 

But, I'll reiterate what's being claimed: biological science as a basis, biochemical expertise, a scientific basis, and an evidence basis.

Yet, naturopathy essentially defines itself -- simultaneously, mind you -- with requisite vitalistic and supernatural science-ejected concepts.

It's nuts.  Here they are as a consortia taking people's money without truthful disclosure.
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