Sunday, October 24, 2010

Announcing the [anti-sCAM] Nightingale Collaboration!

"misinformation about complementary and alternative therapies is rife on the internet, in newspapers and magazines and on the high street and this misinformation misleads the public. It is particularly important that the public have accurate information about healthcare so they can make informed choices [...] it needs to be challenged [...] it is possible to confront and highlight misleading information, have it withdrawn and those responsible held to account [...] the Nightingale Collaboration will work to improve the protection of the public by ensuring claims made about complementary and alternative therapies are not misleading [] challenging misleading claims made by practitioners on their websites, in adverts and in their promotional and sales materials and subjecting these to scrutiny by the appropriate regulatory bodies [and by] striving to ensure that organisations representing complementary and alternative practitioners have robust codes of conduct for their members that protect the public and that these are rigorously enforced [...] the Nightingale Collaboration will make tools and resources available so that others can pursue their own individual campaigns with maximum effect [...] more information will be released on the website over the coming weeks and months [...] Alan Henness & Maria MacLachlan, Directors."

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