Saturday, October 23, 2010

SCNM's "Public Health Commitment" - East Valley Tribune 2010-10

here, I cite from an East Valley Tribune article concerning Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Science's new clinic facility [see 001., below]; then, I muse on SCNM's claimed "public health commitment" [see 002., below]:

001. Channing Turner [me thinks; a person with no science or medical background, apparently] reports [quite credulously and supportively, IMHO] in the East Valley Tribune article "Naturopathic Medical School Opens Tempe Facility" [vsc 2010-10-23]:

"the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences officially opened a new medical center in Tempe recently [...] Paul Mittman, president and CEO of SCNM [... ] 'the school has a significant public health commitment,' he said. 'We expect (the center) to have a greater impact on public health' [...] naturopathic physicians can prescribe nearly every treatment available to a medical doctor, including prescription drugs, Mittman added. But the naturopathic method emphasizes prevention and supports the body’s ability to heal itself [(coded vitalism)...] 'you need to take a holistic approach.'"

Note: there is a claim here of a 'commitment to public health' via the 'holistic' 'body's ability to heal itself.'  Let's bear that out, and decode [which is quite relevant].

002. naturopathy's epistemic muddling [blending of knowledge type; a threat to public health, if public health is to be based upon the best kind of knowledge regarding reality, and the public's understanding of science has value]:

002a. naturopathy's coded vitalism [such deceit is a nonprofessional attribute minimally; an issue of false commerce overall]:

well, "the body’s ability to heal itself" is, when we get down to brass tacks with naturopathy, a belief that has been science-ejected: that physiology is run by a purposeful life spirit.  They code this, all the time.  You can find a glimpse of SCNM's vitalism in uncoded full-regalia at this collection I've put together.  ND Mittman stated this belief explicitly as belief, and here it is archived [vsc 2010-10-23].

002.b. falsely claimed as science:

SCNM's overarching [false] label of science placed upon all this science-ejected beliefy stuff I've collected here.

Note: ah, so THAT is the holistic -- code your essential premises, falsely label them, engage in commerce, rinse and repeat.
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