Sunday, October 31, 2010

Announcing NAH - Naturopaths Against Homeopathy

here, I cite from web pages of the new ND group "Naturopaths Against Homeopathy", established by ND Davis:

001. ND Davis (UBCNM 2002) states in "Homeopathy - Sugar = Water" [vsc 2010-10-31]:

"warning: when homeopathy is practiced, substances are diluted to the point that there is only water present, plus the magical signature that the original substance imparted to the water. Patients are not receiving any medicine at all, unless water and sugar are considered medicine [...] the human body, as well as the the bodies of other living creatures, have the ability to heal themselves up to a certain point. Homeopathic success stories are largely due to this innate ability of the body [...] most people who practice homeopathic medicine believe it works and defend it even though there is no scientific proof [...] if your naturopathic doctor is practicing homeopathic medicine on you, then you should ask them to stop, or just say, 'no thank you' [...] for a practitioner to use magic (homeopathy), then that is an obstacle to cure, because they are wasting your time and theirs.  Your doctor should be using scientific principles to eradicate disease, not magic backed up by hearsay, which is the basis of the 'science' of homeopathy."

Note: membership is available [see 002., below].  I, not an ND / NMD, am ineligible.

002. on the NAH page "Membership" [vsc 2010-10-31], ND Davis writes:

"to become a member of Naturopaths against Homeopathy, one must first be a naturopath.  Second, you must be against homeopathy. Third, you must also be against applied kinesiology, reflexology, qi therapy, iridology, reiki, flower essences, vis therapy ( ). If you satisfy these three conditions and would like to be considered for membership, then click on this link to contact the President of NAH [at]"

Note: now, I must admit, the page he directs towards regarding 'the veez' / vis is my own.
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