Monday, November 1, 2010

Salzberg on Pseudoscience - Forbes 2010-10-27

here, I cite from a recent Forbes blog by Dr. Salzberg [see 001., below]; then, I extend it to include naturopathy [see 002., below]:

001. Steven Salzberg writes in "Osteopaths Versus Doctors" (2010-10-27):

"an osteopath has an D.O. degree, which is different from the standard medical (M.D.) degree [...granted] some osteopaths (DOs) are probably better doctors than some MDs [...] given that some MDs are outrageous promoters of pseudoscience [...e.g.] Andrew Weil [...yet] the training is not the same: the universities offering DO and MD degrees are largely disjoint, the standards are higher at schools offering MDs, and osteopathic colleges offer 'extra' training in [their] pseudoscientific practices [...overall,] when I’m looking for a doctor, I want someone who went to one of the best medical schools and received strictly science-based training. Colleges of osteopathic medicine do not fit the bill [...similarly,] a growing number of mainstream medical schools offer training in 'integrative' medicine, the latest marketing term used to disguise pseudoscience in the guise of real science. Those medical schools [...] have some explaining to do as well."

Note: there's no mention of naturopathy, so I'll make mention.

002. particularly applicable to naturopathy is the phrase:

"pseudoscience in the guise of science."

Note: my links above are quite intentional.  You have, specifically, the ruse known as homeopathy -- which is fused into an ND degree -- overall, and quite falsely, labeled science.
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