Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Ode to ND Maloney" - spaceScat 2010

After I'd gone through some 'Maloney tantrum' experience 2010-11 [see 001., below], spaceScat improvised a song during our jam that same month [see 002., below]:

001. Through Facebook, ND Maloney had said this to me:
"Dear Bob, I noticed that rather than actually continue our conversation, you took the time to post your excerpts (with snide comments) [here...] I can only take this to be the act of someone who lacks basic social skills. I must apologize to you, because I mistook you for an intellectual equal. My comments should not be taken out of context, and I do not give you permission to reprint any of our personal correspondence on your blog. You have shown yourself to be both unethical and underhanded. Christopher Maloney, N.D."

Note: oh well, lost another Facebook friend.  Damn!  Hmmmm, since when is Facebook, a SOCIAL site, personal anyway? And isn't my personal correspondence equally MINE?  Hmmmm...

002. Here's the song, embedded from Vimeo. First, though, I've transcribed the lyrics.  I don't do much with video, but the background picture of the video (from this Naturocrit post a year ago, here) is, for me, quite an accurate representation of naturopathy in this day and age [claimed as science when HUGELY not]:

"You told me the things you do
You'd video taped and shown it 
To everybody else
and you wanted some feedback
 I captured your comments 
and reposted them in blogspace
Somehow, you think I've violated you

And my ethics are in question 
but I'm really not concerned much
If you had something important to say
I'm sure it wouldn't be so much about my approach
 About my approach to you 
and my handling 
of the things you say that you can do
The things you say your medicine does
The things that just probably are not true

Don't tell me that I can't tell you 
the things that I think of the things you do
You know sometimes people say the things 
they don't even know about
sometimes they're wrong too

I'm just taking what you said 
and putting it on blogspace
so don't get all excited about that
 Don't you have anything better to do
then make a big deal about me and you?

Don't you know I care about 
the things you say and others too?
I want the truth, not a bunch of phooey
Not a bunch of phooey."
Thanks Popehat for your recent Maloney post, which got me off my ass to get this Naturocrit post together.
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