Friday, December 10, 2010

AZ Licensed ND Underwood Accused of Child Molestation, and How NMDs/NDs Molest Science

here, I cite from a recent account of an naturopath in Arizona accused of child molestation [see 001., below]; then, I detail how naturopathy molests science [see 002., below]:

001. reports from the Arizona Republic in "Videotape Shows Anthem Doctor Showering With Boy, Authorities Say" (2010-12-10):

"[as reported by Brennan Smith] authorities have discovered a videotape they believe shows an Anthem [naturopathic!] doctor showering with a 9-year-old boy he is accused of molesting, according to Lt. Brian Lee of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office [...] Don Underwood [is] a naturopathic doctor who is accused of molesting a former employee's son [...] Underwood faces seven counts of child molestation and three counts of sexual conduct with a minor in the case of the 9-year-old, who told his mother that Underwood molested him on several occasions [...] authorities said the boy provided 'very descriptive and graphic information implicating Underwood in several felony molestation charges' [...] Dr. Craig Runbeck, executive director of the Arizona Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board [more on them below], said he has not received Underwood's police report but will pursue a summary suspension of Underwood's license if his conduct is deemed harmful to his patients [huh? how about society at-large?]."

Note: so, that concerns the horrid [alleged / accused] sexual molestation of a child.

002. naturopathy's molestation of science:

002.a the State of Arizona Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board states:

"mission statement: the primary duty of the Board is to protect the public through the regulation of the practice of naturopathic medicine."

Note: quite a noble goal.

002.a2. that its board members are:

"Catherine Lynn Walker NMD, Chairman; Daniel Rubin ND [ND SCNM 1997], Vice Chairman; Mr. Evan Zang, Secretary/Treasurer; Renee Waldman NMD, Physician Member; Mr. Kip Micuda JD, Public Member; Ms. Linda Barron, Public Member; Dr. Bruce Sadelik, Physician Member."

Note: so, lets look at ND Rubin.

002.b. ND Rubin as a microcosm of naturopathic science molestation:

002.b1. ND Rubin [bio.and CV here, here, here] states naturopathy's essential and required science-ejected premise, vitalism, in "Naturopathic Medicine: Ways, Means and Practicality" [archived from his, vsc 2010-03-06]:

"[naturopathy's essential] precepts. Vis medicatrix naturae [slide 010...] vis medicatrix naturae. Vis = energy, strength or force [...] the body possesses the inherent ability to restore health. The physician's role is to facilitate this process with the aid of natural nontoxic therapies [slide 011...] the vital force. This describes the energy essential for life, the innate life principle, or the inherent power within every living organism. Naturopathic doctors seek to support the vital force [slide 012]."

Note: such vitalism is hugely science-ejected AS A CONTEXT.  The slideshow states "Presented by Daniel Rubin, N.D. [at the] University of Illinois Medical Campus Chicago, IL [on] March 15, 2006."  I've had it in my archives for years.

002.b2. yet, ND Rubin claims that naturopathy is scientific while nonscientific in "Naturopathic Oncology: An Emerging Discipline" [vsc 2010-12-10] (2005-08):

"naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of health care and distinguished by the principles that underlie and determine its practice [...which] are based on objective observation of the nature of health and disease [...and] continually reexamined in the light of scientific advances [...its] methods used are consistent with these principles [...] such principles are vis medicatrix naturae (the healing power of nature) [(VMN-HPN a.k.a. coded vitalism!)...and speaks of] the philosophy, science and practice of naturopathic oncology [...] to attend naturopathic medical school, applicants complete the same science premedical requirements required by conventional schools of medicine. Naturopathic medical schools are 4-year,  graduate level, federally and regionally accredited institutions. The first two years are comparable to conventional medical school, emphasizing basic medical sciences. The second  two years concentrate on clinical sciences, focusing on natural therapeutics [...] the Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examination [NPLEX] is the standard used by all licensing jurisdictions for naturopathic physicians in North America. It includes five basic science exams -- anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, microbiology and immunology -- taken after the first two years of naturopathic medical school. The clinical science examinations are taken following graduation and include [...] homeopathy."

Note: science, science, science.  And that label is placed upon naturopathy's VMN-HPN, and homeopathy.  This does not compute: something isn't equal to what it is excluded from!

Currently, isn't it interesting that at ND Rubin's page "Practice Philosophy" we aren't told of this vitalism-science conflation-irrationality [indistinction!].  Yet, ND Rubin does state [and I think it is quite ironic actually, and would be even absurdly funny, if this wasn't such a huge load of ONCOLOGY mischief / horror]:

a reverence for patient's "humanity and dignity";

their "becoming empowered";

"I believe that each individual with cancer should be treated as a person first, and a patient second";

"the best treatment approach";

"the underlying";

"a type of healing that transcends any type of physical or molecular mechanistical medicine";

"a good treatment plan always begins with the education of both the person undergoing the treatment";

"I believe that when the basis of a treatment plan, as well as the basis of cancer is well understood, one will be in a better position to decide if such a treatment is truly appropriate for them";

"the purpose of this writing is to generate understanding though education";

"one needs to understand the fundamentals of the situation".

Yes, the irony is TRULY killing me.

003. overall note:

so, a member of the Board of NDs/NMDs in Arizona is actually A MENACE [molesters are menaces too] to the public's understanding of science since science is claimed absurdly as equal to the actually science-ejected, and therein science is sadly HUGELY molested [of course, in a much differently-heinous context than child molestation].

I could go on and on.

Obviously, if you understand, in the words of ND Rubin, "the fundamentals of the situation" regarding naturopathy and science / their false self-labels,

naturopathy is an absurd pseudoscience doing quite scary things in quite serious situations and with a quite misleading mannerism / M.O.

Ah, the most extreme reversal of values. 'Under lying' indeed.
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