Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Anthem of Naturocrit: "Broken Arrow" Leads To "I Will Not Go Quietly"

here, I muse [truly]:

001. the film Broken Arrow (1996) has this dialog:

"[henchman] they went like lambs [presumably after killing the train crew]."

Note: I assume that the 'lambs to slaughter' adage applies here.

002. and this reminded me of a Don Henley song, "I Will Not Go Quietly":

"Woke up with a heavy head 
And I thought about leavin' town
I could have died if I wanted to
Slipped over the edge and drowned
But, oh no baby, I won't give up that easy, no."

Note: we REFUSE our slaughter. And yeah, Axl.
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