Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Lovely Question to ND Pais and Its Answer (10 months ago)

here, I cite from a comment I received from ND Pais (NCNM 1992):

001. Pais, G. (ND NCNM 1992) states in "What Is Naturopathic Medicine?" [vsc 2011-01-29]:

"naturopathic physicians are trained as general practitioners specializing in natural medicine [...] this includes therapies from the sciences [] homeopathy [...] naturopathic physicians cooperate with all other branches of medical science."

Note: wow.

002. so I asked him this question:

"I'm wondering why vitalism isn't mentioned in your description, and spirit? Thanks. -r.c."

003. the answer:

"Hi Rob, In this basic description I laid out the outline, didn't fill it out completely. To me, the Healing Power of Nature is vitalism. As far as spirit goes that is always addressed -- whether we acknowledge it or not."

Note: again, wow.  Loving it.
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