Friday, January 7, 2011

BBC Newsnight on Homeopathy & Malaria 2011 - 'Evidence That They Work is Zero'

In "BBC Newsnight: UK Homeopathy - Update 2011" we're told:

"[GP Kavalier] 'it's a waste of good NHS money because I think the evidence that homeopathic treatments work is zero [...] drugs should have to prove efficacy and homeopathic treatments cannot prove that' [...Lawrence of the RPS] 'we would be very very concerned if a patient took a homeopathic preparation perhaps traveling to an area where there may be yellow fever, typhoid, malaria believing they were safe when in fact they wouldn't be safe' [...Beddington, UK's Chief Scientific Advisor] 'there is no evidence that homeopathic remedies are efficacious and the fundamental underpinning of homeopathy seems to be scientific nonsense'."

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