Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CNN on Wakefield's Elaborate Medical Fraud & Parallels to Naturopathy

here, I quote from a recent CNN article on medical fraud [see 001., below]; then, I think of ways that naturopathy parallels the language of the article [see 002., below]:

001. in "Retracted Autism Study an 'Elaborate Fraud,' British Journal Finds" (2011-01-05):

"a now-retracted British study that linked autism to childhood vaccines was an 'elaborate fraud' that has done long-lasting damage to public health, a leading medical publication reported Wednesday [the British Medical Journal...] the study's author, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, misrepresented or altered the medical histories of all 12 of the patients [...] Britain stripped Wakefield of his medical license in May 2010. Efforts to reach him for comment were unsuccessful Wednesday [...] 'meanwhile, the damage to public health continues, fueled by unbalanced media reporting and an ineffective response from government, researchers, journals and the medical profession,' BMJ states [...] 'it's always hard to explain fraud and where it affects people to lie in science'."

002. parallels regarding:

"elaborate fraud" and 'misrepresentation': overall, naturopathy falsely labels as science that which is not [vitalism, supernaturalism & kind; their wacko therapies like homeopathy];

"damage to public health": naturopathy positions imaginary figmentations and placebo therapies as panaceas and highly effective interventions, so people will take away from this a misconception that such is efficacious;

"unbalanced media reporting": basically, reporters become credulous, brainless mouthpieces once something is labeled natural and alternative instead of doing actual journalism;

"ineffective response from government": I've complained many times both locally and federally about what's going on, and the education robbers continue;

"to lie in science": well, even if I step the deliberateness down to a simpler 'lack of due diligence regarding the scientific status regarding what naturopathy claims as science', naturopathy is defined by its intractably false position regarding the contents of science.
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