Sunday, February 27, 2011

A 2011 Push For Naturopathy in Iowa, Where It is Presently Illegal

here, I briefly cite from an article in Iowa regarding attempted 2011 naturopathy licensure:

001. Ken Black reports for the Times-Republican in "Naturopathic Medicine Could Come to Iowa" [saved 2011-02-27](2011-02-27):

"Dr. Jessica Curcio, president of the Iowa Naturopathic Physicians Association [INPA], is spearheading the effort to get naturopathic medicine recognized as a legal form of medicine in Iowa [...presently] it is not allowed [] Iowa [...] 'I really think we'll see floor action on this soon' [she says...] naturopathic physicians are experts [...] Sen. Steve Sodders, D-State Center [...says] 'if you look at their training as it relates to those other medical trainings, they are very similar'."

Note: what does it take to get beyond all this shallowness?  What kind of expertise is 'naturopathic knowledge muddle'?  I don't get it: naturopathy falsely labels as science that which is hugely science-exterior.  That doesn't seem similar to medical training at all.  It doesn't seem legal, actually.
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