Monday, March 14, 2011

B.C. ND Claims B.C. MDs are Misleading While Naturopathy Stuff (like foot bath detox, homeopathy, vitalism) is Grounded in Scientific Rigor

here, I cite from a recent letter by an ND in British Columbia, Canada to the Vancouver Sun defending naturopathy on scientific grounds [see 001., below]; then, from that BC ND's own web pages [see 002., below]; and finally that ND's own BC organizations [see 003., below]:

001. the Vancouver Sun's "More Options for Patients Makes for a Healthier Population" (2011-03-14 and save):

"[regarding] License to Prescribe Still Rankles B.C.'s MDs [2011-03-07...states] Dr. Caleb Ng naturopathic physician [of] Surrey [...believes] the information and opinion of the medical doctors [...] Dr. Bob Vroom and Ian Gillespie [...regarding naturopaths] cited in this article are misleading [...] health professionals such as naturopathic physicians [...are] grounded in the scientific rigor they [the MDs] so boldly assert is theirs alone [...the MDs] do not seem to take into account the education, training and ability required for our registrants to be licensed by our government-recognized regulatory body, the College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC [CNPBC]."

Note: oh, that huge, broad, overarching claim that naturopathy is SCIENCE.  Again, and again, and again.  Why is it up to me to illuminate how UNTRUE that science claim is?  Naturopathy is based on falsehood [one of the largest being an inappropriate use of the label science upon the science-exterior], and therein such annuls their professional claim too. But lets see if ND Ng, CNPBC, and BCNA are MISLEADING on their own web pages!

002. Ng, C. (ND CCNM)'s practice -- Mountainview Wellness Center, a partnership with Bogatch, G. (ND CCNM), Patton, A. (ND CCNM), Ram, S.M. (ND CCNM), Van Alstyne, T. (ND CCNM) -- collectively states:

002.a. on their page "About Us - The Mountainview Doctors" [vsc 2011-03-14]:

"naturopathic medicine is [...] based on 'vis medicatrix naturae,' a medical philosophy that utilizizes the healing power of nature [VMN-HPN, coded vitalism, because that's all they give you!...] naturopathic doctors trained in natural therapies and prevention, but are also trained in the art and science of diagnosis [...] the Platinum Energy Systems Detoxification Foot Spa is a non-invasive highly effective method of removing toxins from the body through the feet or hands. This system is scientifically proven [...] Dr. Ng is a member of the British Columbia Naturopathic Association and the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia.[...] we are registered and licensed with the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia [...] CCNM offers a four year accredited program including courses in [...] homeopathy."

Note: so, there's coded vitalism, which is ironically MISLEADING!  I think ND Ng protests too much to the Vancouver Sun.  There's the science claim again, on foot detox of all things.

Now, Quack Watch's Device Watch  states, regarding this type of thing: "the bottom line is very simple. All such devices should be considered medically worthless."  Ouch: when is the "scientifically proven [...] highly effective" actually bunk?  Naturopathy: whose science expertise claim has dissolved.

I'll look at the org.s in 003., below.

002.b. in "Services Offered" [vsc 2011-03-14]:

"acupuncture is based on the belief that health is determined by the balanced flow of vital energy (qi) through the meridians of the body. By restoring proper flow of qi, we can restore balance to the system."

Note: so, there's a glimpse of their vitalism belief, and this time it is transparently described, though not fully described as in fact a science-ejected and -unsupported belief.  You should BE TOLD BY THEM that naturopathy is based on in fact science-ejected or -unsupported beliefs, diagnostics, and therapies before you go to one!  I believe it would allow for informed consent.

003. CNPBC and BCNA:

003.a. CNPBC states in "Code of Conduct":

"the naturopathic physician [...] shall recognize, respect and promote the self-healing power of nature inherent in each individual human being (vis medicatrix naturae) [...] will practice the science and art of naturopathic medicine."

Note: again, the coded vitalism and a false science claim upon it.  What I argue is this: even the CNPBC Code of Conduct is a guideline for NDs showing how to engaged in misinformation, opacity and manipulation as opposed to accuracy, transparency, and informed consent.

Ironically, it emphasizes:

"[the ND] shall conduct her/his practice and professional activities with honesty, integrity and responsibility for individual judgment and action [...] shall respect all ethical, qualified health care practitioners and cooperate with other health professions to promote health for the individual, the public and the global community. [...] the naturopathic physician shall strive to exemplify personal well-being, ethical character and trustworthiness as a health care professional."

Truly naturopathy is the reversal of all values. I don't think this absurdity and irrationality aids population health.  If something is nonsense, is it really an option? Again, I think ND Ng protests too much to the Vancouver Sun.

003.b. BCNA states in "The Nature of Naturopathic Medicine":

"naturopathic medicine is science based natural medicine [...] the philosophy of naturopathic treatment [...includes] vis medicatrix naturae: the body has the inherent capacity to heal in the proper therapeutic environment. NDs believe in the recuperative power of the organism [coded vitalism...] embracing these tenets, on a science-based platform, is at the heart of naturopathic care."

Note: so, the heart of naturopathy is to not transparently label their sectarian vitalistic belief-based system as science-ejected and indeed to falsely label such science and ethical.

I can see the apples and the very-near tree they have fallen from.

Yet, I like B.C. in this sense: they've a lot going on up there and a lot gets printed to then blog about.
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