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AANP Entails Naturopathy's Essential Vitalism: Their ISBN 0785319840, 1997

here, I cite from an American Association of Naturopathic Physicians' [AANP] endorsed book wherein naturopathy's science-ejected central premise known as vitalism is clearly-ish stated [see 001, below]:

001. in "A Guide to Alternative Medicine: Ancient and Modern Therapies to Expand Your Medical Horizons" (ISBN 0785319840, 1997), the AANP states [my comments are in bold]:

"this publication was reviewed by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians  [...specifically] Kathi Head, N.D., Rita Bettenburg, N.D., Tim Birdsall, N.D., and Lori Kimatan, N.D. [...] all members of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians [...] the AANP's mission [] to transform the health care system [...] by incorporating the principles of naturopathic medicine [imprint...]";

so, the principles are that-which-they-seek-to-superimpose, and the book seems to represent a preponderance of 'AANP naturopath approval';

"Eric S. Jones, N.D., Dean, Naturopathic Medical Program, Bastyr University [...says] the information [ on] natural-health [...] is presented from an objective perspective [...] if your goal is to be an informed, educated consumer [recommendations page...]";

the irony is killing me, that great "objective" claim upon this hugely subjective / beliefy stuff that they claim to accurately represent and actually educate about;

 "the principles on which it's based and the methods it employs are much older, many dating to ancient times [...they're] time-tested [...] naturopathy operates on the basis of six principles of healing [...#1] the healing power of nature [HPN...] healing mechanisms in the body and mind [HMBM...] inherent healing systems [IHS...] the body's way to heal itself [BWHI...] the natural healing process [NHP...] the body's healing power [BHP...] naturopathic medicine is natural medicine [...using] a variety of treatments that are intended to work with the body's natural healing mechanisms [BNHM...p.294...]";

old / ancient doesn't mean correct, at all, and time-tested just means persistent, not scientific. So, there's HPN-HMBM-IHS-BWHI-NHP-BHP-BNHM, naturopathy's euphemisms for...

"[#5] naturopathic physicians share information with their patients [...] therapies used in naturopathy [p.295...include] homeopathy -- the science of homeopathy [] dovetails well with the naturopathic philosophy of the healing power of nature [see 260-264...] naturopathic medicine is, by no means, frozen in time [...] practitioners follow advances in science [...] as long as they are in keeping with the philosophy of naturopathy [p.297...] first two years  of training are in basic medical science [p.299...]";

I wish they'd share the scientific fact that homeopathy is not a science!  If science has ejected HPN and naturopathy is still there, then they ARE frozen in time.  Science is helpful, apparently, provided it doesn't get in the way of science-ejected principles.  I think it is obvious that science is subservient to their beliefs; 

"oriental medicine: naturopathy has a great deal in common with oriental healing philosophies [...] the oriental concept of life force, or qi, and the naturopathic concept of the healing power of nature are similar in theory if not language [..] traditional Chinese medicine places primary emphasis on the balance of qi [...] or vital energy [...] this vital energy comprises two parts: yin and yang [p.346...] diagnosis aims to detect patterns of disharmony or imbalance in vital energy [...] treatment seeks to help individuals re-balance this vital energy [p.347...] vital energy, or qi, flows through certain pathways in the body called meridians [p.169...] the Chinese believe qi [...] or vital energy, is responsible for health, and that imbalances of qi results in illness.  Acupuncture is used to correct the flow of qi [p.173...]"; 

and there it is, the science-ejected vitalistic that is the basis of the naturopathic.

002. so:

this book is a great 'Rosetta Stone' to get at that-which-naturopathy-so-often-codes.  This was published a year before I went to naturopathy school.  Naturopathy at this time was stating that it is "science-based" and "not a belief system."
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