Friday, March 11, 2011

Naturopathy in Canada's Northwest Territory? Clearly Work Needs to be Done...

here, I cite from an article about naturopathy in Canada [see 001., below]:

001. reports in "Should Naturopathy be Licensed Medicine in the NWT?" [saved 2011-03-11]:

"Yellowknife, N.W.T. [...] Glen Abernethy [...] MLA [...] said five provinces in Canada recognize naturopaths as medical professionals, and he wants the Health Dept. to start offering licenses to them in the NWT [...] naturopathy – a practice offering natural methods of treatment [...] 'these people that we're referring to, do take a significant amount of education [...] 'clearly we need to get them into regulation, which would protect their titles' [...] naturopathy – a practice offering natural methods of treatment the naturopaths can continue to practice here, but more work needs to be done before they can deemed 'doctors.'"

Note: yeah, here are some suggestions for the "work" that needs to be done for naturopathy:

figure out how to maintain the label "medical professional" when based on falsehood and not medically educated but naturopathically educated;

figure out how licensing falsehood helps the public;

figure out how to get "natural" methods that are without scientific merit and often are scientifically implausible legitimate;

educate naturopaths so that they understand that science does not contain the science-exterior;

figure out how protecting the titles of a false position is worthwhile.
Lots of work to be done.
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