Sunday, April 3, 2011

NMD Olmsted - The Holographic Physician's Wish-Granting Stargate-Creating Quantum Vortex Experience via Andromedan Holographic Projectors

here, I cite the VERY pseudoscientific and loony:

001. NMD Olmsted (NMD SCNM) states:

001.a. at Youtube in "Dr. Valerie Olmsted" [vsc 2011-04-03]:

"hello, I'm Dr. Valerie Olmsted.  Instead of my official title of naturopathic physician, I like to refer to myself as the holographic physician [...] a quantum scientist [...] a science geek [...] I live in Sedona, Arizona but I travel the US and Canada sharing the quantum vortex with those who which to experience it [...] I'm a licensed naturopathic physician [...I'm also an] energy healer [...and] ordained minister [...] altogether, I have over 30 years in the medical field [...regarding] quantum physics [...] what I've found is that this is the real science.  This explains life and metaphysics [...and she speaks of] the amazing healing and manifesting powers [wish-granting] of the quantum vortex [...] I have the honor of being the one who brings the quantum vortex to the people so they can heal their bodies, minds and spirits."

Note: so we got the reference to a doctorate in naturopathy and title of naturopathic physician, a science expertise claim, a healing and wish-granting claim, a title of holographic physician, and supernaturalism.

001.b. at Youtube in "The Quantum Vortex Explained" [vsc 2011-04-03]:

"there's a lot of ways that we could use to describe the quantum vortex experience [...with] no math and very little science [I'll say!...] for the sake of simplicity, lets just say it's a connection to higher consciousness that we connect to consciously [...] the quantum vortex is created by combining sacred geometry with lasers, gemstones and metallic devices [...] when you go in, you are going to see many colored lights reflected off the jewels on the equipment [...] it's pretty and twinkly [...with] relaxing music [...] sometimes, we use healing symbols on the walls to add other energy frequencies to the healing space [...] once you are within the beam as we call it, you'll feel the intense relaxation.  You are going to feel the energy field created by the quantum vortex [...] the interesting thing about the quantum vortex experience is the swiftness with which the things you want appear in your life [wish-granting...] we hear from just about everyone that they're thrilled with the manifestation [wish-granting] that the vortex creates [...] we've had many people tell us about visitors to their sessions both private and group such as angels, guides, orbs, Jesus, other deities, and also ETs and beings from other realms.  Interdimensionals, alternate realities.  Often people have told us these visitors come home with them and continue to work on them for some weeks after their vortex experience. It's all good stuff.  Don't worry."

Note: yes, that is right, extra-terrestrials and kind will supposedly BUG YOU after the session for a while.  That doesn't sound very relaxing to me.  It sounds like psychosis!  Again, promised healing and wish-granting.

001.c. at her own web page in "About Dr. Valerie" [vsc 2011-04-03]:

"Dr. Valerie Olmsted, NMD is a naturopathic medical doctor hailing from Sedona, Arizona, USA [...] she graduated with her doctorate from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1999 [...she's on] the BBS Radio Network [] 'The Enlightened Medicine Show' [how ironic!...] one of the guests [...] was none other than Dr. Fred Bell [...who] has been working on various quantum tools for healing and attunement [...] he has been contacted by various types of 'extra-terrestrial' beings who have helped him develop this technology before its time [...] Dr Bell realized that he had stumbled on a new exciting science within the quantum holographic world [what the hell is that?...] Dr. Valerie [...has] purchased several of his 'quantum vortex projector' units, and began experimentation [...] exploring their vast potential [...] her input has been critical in searching for the boundaries of this new found science [] she gets to join her two passions together, helping people, and science [...] she got the message that she was to take the projectors on the road, to allow people from all over to receive the amazing benefits of being 'in the beam'."

Note: wow!  I assume the ETs told her to tour!  Again, a science claim, and a healing claim by a healing beam, to be precise.  The Enlightenment embraced REASON.  This, to me, is beliefy weirdness in a lab coat.

001.d. at her own web page in "Welcome to the Quantum Vortex Experience!" [vsc 2011-04-03]:

"the quantum vortex experience is one of the most powerful new technologies for personal growth and powerful life changes.  It creates what is called a 'zero-point' field, which enables you to enter the perfect conditions for release and manifestation.  By 'entering the beam' of the vortex, you can make statements and bring your desires into reality (like 'The Secret') via a direct connection to your higher self and the universe."

Note: more wish-granting promises, and pseudoscientific mechanisms / premises.

001.e. at her own web page in "What is the Quantum Vortex Experience?" [vsc 2011-04-03]:

"what I’m about to tell you [...] involves quantum physics and quantum mechanics [...I have] quantum physics devices that [...] create a zero-point field with scalar energy [...] sort of like a two-way radio into other dimensions and galaxies [...] what if someone figured out how to get you the maximum benefit from such a device, with the minimum amount of work? [...] the quantum vortex experience is participatory: you show up, with your list of things you want to release from your life and things you want to make manifest in your life. We then open the StarGate [...] photos [taken] have orbs, faces, objects twirling in space, ET's, and alternate realities that show up on the cameras [...] the devices are Andromedan holographic projectors made by Dr. Fred Bell [...] when set up in the proper alignment, the devices open StarGates to other galaxies and dimensions [...] we create a portal and ring the doorbell of the beings we are wishing to connect with [...] occasionally, some of the dark beings try to show up, but are prevented from entering by the light beings [...] the portals are administered by the Andromedans, with Pleiadians, Arcturians, Iagerians, Sirians, Cetaceans, and many other beings showing up, plus angels, ascended masters, fairies, and who knows what else."

Note: I'm totally speechless.  In all fairness, this stuff is no more irrational than naturopathy's claim that within science is the science-ejected, and that within professionalism is deception and opacity / manipulation.
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