Friday, July 29, 2011

Arizona Naturopath O'Connor: Endocrinology, Bariatrics, & Barista

here, I cite from a recent press release and a web page of NMD O'Connor [see 001., below]:

001. O'Connor, A. (NMD SCNM) states:

001.a. in "Arizona Naturopathic Doctor Offers Unique 5 Minute 'Consult n Coffee' for $5 Along With Free B-12 Injections" (2011-07-29)[my comments are in bold]:

"[I'm] the premier naturopathic doctor in Arizona [...] Dr. Andrea O'Connor [...] will provide coffee and 5 minutes of her expertise on a variety of topics ranging from weight loss, hormone replacement, anti-aging, and natural pain management [...for] $5 [...]";

sounds like quite the self-elevation, and discount!  I'm wondering what blends are available...

"[and that's not all, folks] patients who sign up for consultations on Phoenix Integrative Medicine's newly redesigned website [...] [...] will receive a free B-12 injection [...]";

hmmmmmm.  Why does EVERYONE apparently qualify?  Does EVERYONE require such an injection?  The NMD seems to really like to inject people.   Very natural.

"Dr. O'Connor's practice [...] includes the HCG diet [...] HCG both sublingual and by injection [...and] bioidentical hormone replacement [...and] antiaging treatments with testosterone injections along with B12 injections [...per] individualized hormone replacements [...]";

sounds to me like endocrinology.  It also sounds like bunk hCG diet junk I've earlier blogged about.

"[there's also] medical marijuana";

because that's natural, right, for pain management.  I don't know much about it, but I'm thinking this may make you hungry.  If you are in pain and want to lose weight, this and the hCG diet may cancel each other out!

001.b. in "Weight Loss" [saved 2011-07-29]:

"Andrea O'Connor, NMD [...has] proven weight loss techniques that are customized to you [...] including the HCG diet program [...] (injections and sublingual)."

Note: again, sounds to me like the hCG diet junk.

002. in my view, be cautious:

NDs/NMDs are quite confused.  Her alma mater, SCNM, claims that the education is "scientific" yet when you look at the contents of naturopathy, it is replete with HUGELY science-ejected junk (like homeopathy which is absurdly labeled remarkable [their President and CEO is a homeopath DHANP], and a core requirement by oath to vitalism).
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