Sunday, July 31, 2011

NCNM's 2011 Commencement Address by Alumnus ND Warren: Our [Science-Ejected] Vitalism, Homeopathy, and 'Energy Medicines' are "Foundational"

here, I quote from a transcript of part of the 2011 National College of Natural Medicine [NCNM] convocation [see 001., below]; then, from a web page of that ND particularly regarding homeopathy [ see 002., below]:

001. ND Warren, classical homeopathist [DHANP; NCNM 1984] states in "Convocation Address by Don Warren [at] NCNM – June 25, 2011" [vsc 2011-07-31]:

"'President Schleich, Members of the Board of Governors, Faculty and Staff of NCNM, Class of 2011 [...] it is a real honor to be invited to take part in this convocation [...] it has only been 27 years since I graduated from NCNM [...] we must also not be afraid to hold on to concepts that are a part of the historic profession that do not yet have an adequate scientific explanation...such as the vis, vital force and the use of energetic medicines such as homeopathy. Such concepts and practices are foundational to who we are as naturopathic physicians'."

Note: and there you go.  Such is dogmatically fused into naturopathy, no matter how science-ejected the lot becomes. What's MOST interesting about ND Warren's language is that he states that vitalism and homeopathy lack scientific support.  Meanwhile, on NCNM's own page explaining naturopathy and its contents, we're told quite falsely that vitalism and such survives scientific scrutiny as objective fact.  Well, that's not true: they're science-ejected, actually. And what's also interesting is that ND Warren's practice page explaining naturopathy does not transparently communicate that the "healing power of nature" sectarianism essential to naturopathy is the vitalistic science-ejected concept that it is.

I link to a YouTube video of this 2011 ceremony [vsc 2011-07-31] containing the naturopathic oath part below [starting at 00.08.45; the video is apparently damaged though the audio is okay], wherein NDs by-oath bind themselves to naturopathy's sectarian ideas, like vitalism -- which is in Latin on the huge tapestry behind the stage -- and to falsely labeling the lot "science":

also, here's a link to NCNM's program for that 2011 commencement (click here) where we are told "naturopathic medicine is heir to the vitalistic tradition of medicine in the Western world. This is evidenced by its emphasis in treating disease through the stimulation, enhancement and support of the inherent healing power of the body. Chosen methods of treatment respect this natural healing process."  I've blogged recently concerning how such vitalism is science-ejected EVEN as taught at the K-12 science level.  This language was also used on the 2010 program.

002. ND Warren, along with NDs O'Farrell (CCNM 2002) and Lewis (CCNM) (see ), state in "Homeopathy" [vsc 2011-07-31]:

"in the early part of the 19th century, Samuel Hahnemann developed the system of medicine we now call homeopathy.  The basic principle of homeopathy is that disease is a result of a disordered 'vital force' and that to find permanent cure, one must use a medicine (or remedy) that is 'vital' [as in imaginary and immaterial!] and has the potential for stimulating a healing response bringing the body back to a normal, healthy state [...] over the  course of homeopathic treatment not only do symptoms disappear, but the person is in a much healthier state overall."

Note: so, there's that old vitalism again.  And that's quite a claim of activity and efficacy for remedies that are EMPTY.  Magic beans and unicorn tears.
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