Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Naturopathillogic Invention: How the NaturoPATHic PATHillogical Came to Be a New Naturocrit Label

here's a short rundown of this wordsmithing I couldn't help but do: 

I've exposure to naturopathy since the early nineties, when there was only 2 schools, Bastyr and NCNM.

A sample AANP document I'd read, of a web site they had at the time which no longer is active on the web but is permanently archived 

labeled naturopathy "science" and "not a belief system".

Well, ultimately, there are central components to the essentially naturopathic which are not-science and quite 'of-belief'.

And therein is the 'illogic': science that is not science, 'not beliefs' which actually are beliefs.

In states where they are licensed I term this 'licensed falsehood'.
I've watch the whole thing grow, like an epidemic: therein, the 'path'.

Thus, the naturopathillogic.

Research continues to support this simple fact: there is quite a pattern of overt false labeling or covert coding of naturopathy's contents, and the misinformation MO of naturopathy continues to this day.

There are thousands of naturopathic web pages I've indexed and archived belonging to individuals, institutions & governments documenting this falsely labeled commerce in North America and abroad. 

There are scores of books, too: particularly the Textbook of Natural Medicine 

Yes, live on the web right now: labeling naturopathy "science-based natural medicine" subset science-ejected "vis medicatrix naturae, the vital force, the
healing power of nature" and supernatural "humans are spiritual beings" and the lovely fake therapy known as homeopathy which they label BRILLIANT.

So, therein: science now contains nonscience, supernatural beliefs are no longer beliefy, physiology is run by a mystical-immeasurable 'underlying' energy or force hugely science-ejected but under their banner of science-based, and QUITE empty pills are lauded.

I've often labeled such nonsensical blending of knowledge types epistemic conflation.

I've sometimes labeled the whole thing mindfucking.

There's also all the schools' literature I've received [and libraries and undergraduate institutions have received] over the years through the US Postal Service.
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