Monday, January 2, 2012

Naturopathic Academic and Commercial Falsehood Recipe 2012

here, to begin 2012, I share what I see as an old recipe, based on my continuing naturopathy experience and research:

Muddleheaded Soup


1) Begin with the claim that naturopathy is science-based 

(see for my HUGE compilation; 
or, see the brief 'old science-based Joe biography' up on youtube at 

2) Simultaneously be ACTUALLY based on the science-ejected or science-unsupported

(see these compilations: for vitalism,;
for one of their nonsense therapeutics, homeopathy, you can visit
ND Pais at and the ND / NMD board exam 
at if you seek to to catch them all in you net misrepresenting).

3) Blend, or INTEGRATE, these ingredients, then cook it up most appropriately in a CROCK pot, and serve your soup as part of an academic commerce or clinical commerce platter.


to get people to purchase your creation, make sure your platter is garnished with
LOTS OF SCIENCE CLAIMS.  It is best advised that you arrange the platter in such a manner that the science garnish false-labeling actually obscures the underlying truly naturopathic.


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