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Google+ - Twitter - Storify: CTCA, ND Anderson, and My Question 'On Naturopathy Pseudoscience'

here, I cite from the recent Cancer Treatment Centers of America [CTCA] "Twitterview with Katherine Anderson" [see 001., below]; then, I cite the question I asked during that interview and the answer I directly received [see 002., below]; and finally, I parse the nonsense that is 'the essentially naturopathic' [see 003., below]:

001. the Twitterview [as in interview] on 2012-03-14:

001.a. CTCA had stated on Google+:

 "[it reads] join us for our Twitterview with Katherine Anderson Dir. Naturopathic Medicine at CTCA Tulsa which has just started using hashtag #ctcachat. Don't forget we will be giving away a merchandise credit for CNCA supplements to one person who asks a question during the Twitterview [...] CTCA will be hosting a Twitterview with Katherine Anderson, Director of Naturopathic Medicine at CTCA in Tulsa on Wednesday March 14th at 1:30 CST to discuss the role of naturopath...".

Note: CNCA supplements?  I don't need them, and I didn't win!  But supplements?   That CTCA business is here.  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

"CTCA will be hosting a Twitterview with Katherine Anderson, Director of Naturopathic Medicine at CTCA in Tulsa [...] to discuss the role of naturopathic medicine in cancer treatment [...] topics discussed will include: How to deal with side effects of cancer treatment using naturopathic medicine?; What are the possible benefits of acupuncture for cancer patients?; What benefits do supplements offer during and after cancer treatment?; We will ask [I think they meant answer] your questions about naturopathic medicine, as well [...] or more information about Katherine Anderson, please visit"

Note: ye old naturopathic oncologist and quackupuncture!

001.c. that CTCA link leads to CTCA's "Katherine Anderson, ND, FABNO – Director of Naturopathic Medicine" [vsc 2012-03-17] which states:

"Katherine Anderson [...] joined the Naturopathic Medicine Department at Southwestern in 2004 [...and is now] the Director of Naturopathic Medicine at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) at Southwestern Regional Medical Center [...has a] team of naturopaths [...including] Katrina A. Bogdon, ND, FABNO [...] Aisha Chilcoat, MJ, ND [...] Shana Deneen, ND, LAc [...]  Samantha Hoang, ND [...] Daniel Kellman, ND, FABNO [...] Heidi Kussman, ND, FABNO [...] Lucas Tims, ND [...]";

The respective schools that these NDs / NMDs come from are:
CCNM (NDs Anderson, Kussman),
NCNM (ND Bogdon),
SCNM NDs Chilcoat, Deneen, Kellman, Tims),
NUHS (ND Hoang).

"[and they use] natural therapies, such as nutritional supplementation, botanical medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, and counseling [...] naturopathic treatment plans include natural health products and therapeutics [...and] acupuncture and acupressure treatments [...] Anderson says her overall goal is to 'provide patients with a clear and concise understanding of naturopathic medicine and for them to feel supported in using natural therapies as a powerful part of their cancer fighting plan' [...]";

Now, we know homeopathy is pure bunkum as a therapeutic, and is it considered ethical to sell supplements straight to the patient?  Powerful?  Homeopathy powerful?  Powerful empty remedies.

"[she's a] Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology (FABNO) [...]";

Yes, oncology.

"CTCA operates the only cancer hospitals in the United States that offer a Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME) certified residency program, sponsored through Bastyr University [...]";

Ah, Bastyr.

"[and the page speaks of ND Anderson's] personal commitment to patient care and education [...] she has served as the president of the Oklahoma Association of Naturopathic Physicians [...and] the exceptional care CTCA provides patients [...]";

Do they care to tell us the truth about naturopathy though?  See 003., below. 

001.d. the embedded video from that page above states [vsc 2012-03-15]:

"[in its description] Katherine Anderson, ND, FABNO. Meet Katherine Anderson, the Director of Naturopathic Medicine at our Oklahoma hospital. She talks about her education and training, her role on our patients’ care teams, and what drew her to Cancer Treatment Centers of America [...]";

Ah, education and training in naturopathy of course.

"[in the video she's a] naturopathic oncology provider [...who] help[s] them understand [...] that fully integrative care model [...] the only place nation-wide [...]";

Help me understand.  Really.  Really understand.

002. my question and CTCA's answer, via Google+ was:

question: "'Consumer Health' (ISBN 9781449646455; 2012) labels naturopathy a 'pseudoscience.' Now NDs are self-proclaimed oncologists. Any comments?"

the answer I got, also emailed to me via, was: "Katherine Anderson pointed us to the following resources and which talk about the training of licensed naturopathic practitioners. Accredited naturopathic training begins with an undergraduate pre-med degree prior to enrollment in a naturopathic medical school, which is a four year doctoral-level program federally accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education."

Note: well, my summation of these sources is simply this -- "licensed naturopathic" = licensed falsehood.  Doctor-level NONSENSE and IRRATIONALITY and DECEPTION [like this]. The entire Twitterview is up at Storify.  Some tags I'd put on it: #homeopathy #acupuncture #cancertreatment #supplements #censored .  I add "censored" because the question I'd asked via Google+ was ignored on Twitter by them, and someone else's wasn't and answered via Twitter!

003. the easy to find-out truth about all this naturopathy nonsense / absurdity / irrationality:

003.a. what CTCA says [really, they say it themselves]:

I have quite the collection of CTCA telling the world that naturopathy is based upon the science-ejected-for-decades here. Of course, you are not told that it's science-ejected, though -- this framing "life force" / "healing power of nature".  In that sense, therefore, I wonder what ND Anderson's commitment to "exceptional" care and "education" means.  It seems as truthful as their claim that homeopathy is "powerful" -- the powerful scientifically ejected.  In fact, as recently reported from Australia, homeopathy is quite likely to be labeled BASELESS and UNETHICAL.  So, the big question regarding CTCA is: who vetting all this naturopathy junk?  Where was the due diligence?  People TRUST YOU, and they are vulnerable and quite ill.  Sickening, hugely sickening.

003.b. what alma mater's say:

[I'll use only the schools cited above; and this is where the 'junk thought' originates / where people are infected with 'the naturopathy meme' -- State and Federally endorsed, by the way -- so in that sense, there will not be investigation / oversight / intervention -- government would have to find itself guilty, and I highly doubt such ever happens]:

003.b1. CCNM:

003.b2. NCNM [trunk of the tree!]:

003.b3. SCNM:

003.b4. NUHS:

we have science [particularly in the school's NAME] claimed upon the for-decades science-ejected.

003.c. what science says [hugely, preponderantly]:

well, you can go within naturopathy and find what science says about multiple facets of the belief system and therapeutics.  Here, I'll stick to the big framing claim: that there is a vital force running physiology and that illness and health are due to its malfunction and its restoration.  But, make no mistake about it: because naturopathy claims that science is whatever you want it to be, huge swaths of the contents of naturopathy are truly 'without scientific support'.  But, I choose the big one here, the hugely 'science-ejected naturopathic essential claim' -- vitalism [wherein "vitalism is that rejected tradition in biology"; it is not about analysis and explanation at all, it is about unnecessary stupefying mysticism].

So, one of my favorite sources is Richard Dawkins. In "The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing" (2008, ISBN 0199216800), which I happen to own, Dawkins states:

"what neither Mendel nor anyone else before 1953 knew was that genes themselves are digital, within themselves [...] life is the execution of programs written using a small digital alphabet in a single, universal machine language. This realization was the hammer blow that knocked the last nail in the coffin of vitalism and, by extension, of dualism. The hammer was wielded, with undisguised youthful relish, by James Watson and Francis Crick [p.030...] for me, the greatest achievement of Watson and Crick was to turn genetics from a branch of wet and squishy physiology into a branch of information technology, in the process slaying [...] the ghost of vitalism [p.226]."

Note: and it is as simple as that.  Nonscientific FOR DECADES UPON DECADES.  As scientific as the Tooth Fairy.  Therein is the "natural" and the "integrative."  No thanks.

004. of course, my biggest question besides "how do they get away with this?" is:

"why do they let absurdists and poseurs anywhere near critically ill people?"

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