Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Portland, Oregon Naturopathy College's 2011 Yearly Economic Impact Dollar Amount Released

here, I cite from a recent article on NCNM and its 2011 effect on Portland, Oregon's economy [see 001., below]; then, I point out that both NCNM and the State of Oregon are partners in what is basically what I call 'licensed falsehood' [see 002.,below]:

001. Matthew Kish of the Portland Business Journal reports in "College of Natural Medicine economic impact: $55.8M" (2011-03-13)[vsc 2012-03-13]:

"Portland’s National College of Natural Medicine [NCNM...] employs approximately 277 and has 550 graduate students [...and] had a $55.8 million impact on the local economy in 2011, according to a new study [...] the college paid for [...] among its 2011 economic activity:  $25.8 million in direct spending on payroll and other operating costs, $10.9 million in indirect spending on goods and other services, $19.2 million in other spending related to the increased purchasing power of households impacted by the college. The economic activity generated 613 jobs [...] the college is the only naturopathic medical school in Oregon so it generates spending that otherwise would not occur in Portland [...and the study] estimates that [for] every $1 million the college spends generates an additional $1.2 million [is] spent by others. The majority of the college’s revenue comes from tuition, fees, gifts, contracts and sales."

Note: fascinating.

002. NCNM and OBNM [birds of a falsehood feather...sleep together]:

002.a. now, NCNM is the trunk of the naturopathic tree:

and it is only in the past couple of years that they changed their name from "Naturopathic" to "Natural."  In the college's own words, you can read how it falsely labels as science, the hugely science-ejected.  This ruse been going on for DECADES, not just for the year 2011.  So, now we can say WOW, a lot of commerce happens around NCNM based upon an essentially STUPID CONTEXT, yearly:  institutionally, the science-ejected wrongly labeled as within science as objective scientific fact.

002.b. in partnership with NCNM is the State of Oregon itself:

with their web page "Naturopathy" [vsc 2012-03-13], which I really just can get enough mileage out of, really, in terms of its absurdity, irrationality, nonsensicality etc.:

"naturopathic [...] principles are based on the objective observation of the nature of health and disease, and are continually reexamined in light of scientific analysis [...#1] the healing power of nature, vis medicatrix naturae: the body has the inherent ability to establish, maintain, and restore health. The healing process is ordered and intelligent; nature heals through the response of the life force. [...] the vitalistic tradition of medicine [...] methods of treatments are chosen to work with the patient’s vital force [...] illness is a purposeful process of the organism.  The process of healing includes the generation of symptoms, which are, in fact, an expression of the life force attempting to heal itself [...] naturopathic philosophy serves as the basis for naturopathic practice.  The current scope of naturopathic practice includes, but is not limited to [...] homeopathic medicine [...which] works on a subtle yet powerful electromagnetic level, gently acting to strengthen the body’s healing and immune response."

Note: not fascinating, a MAJOR CONCERN in terms, utmost for me, HUMAN RIGHTS.  Licensed falsehood marches on: mandatory medieval theoretical nonsense by-oath required to be falsely postured as scientific, and hugely science-ejected therapeutics falsely postured as powerful.

Yet, we're told in this 2007 NCNM document [vsc 2012-03-13]:
"the National College of Natural Medicine is committed to using a science-based curriculum to train naturopathic physicians and Chinese medicine practitioners."

Me arse.
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