Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Naturopathy's Essential Science-Ejected Vitalism Nuttiness: ND Pizzorno via NUHS at Slideshare 2011

here, I cite from National University of Health Sciences [NUHS] who hosted a presentation by ND Pizzorno [see 001., below]; then, onward to the Slideshare presentation notes they have up which clearly states the science-ejected "nature" (literally) of naturopathy [see 002., below]; and then, the continuous false labeling [see 003., below]:

001. NUHS states in "Homecoming 2011 Highlights" [vsc 2012-03-20]:

"Speakers' Notes [...the presentation title and link is] 'Role of the Natural Medicine Physician [aka naturopathy and kind] within the New Health Care Paradigm' [by] Joseph Pizzorno, ND."

Note: this is 'old science-based Joe.'  Why do I call him that?  Well, he's been around for years promoting the label "science-based" upon naturopathy.  For instance, here's a Los Angeles Times 1996 AP article [vsc 2012-03-19] wherein he's quoted as stating naturopathy is "science-based natural medicine."  Pizzorno is, by the way, a 1975 graduate of NCNM.  NUHS claims to be 'of science' in its very title.  So, you would reasonably expect the contents of ND Pizzorno's lecture there -- based upon these commerce and academic labels -- to be SCIENCE.

002. that NUHS Slideshare account states in "Role of the Natural Medicine Physician within the New Health Care Paradigm" [vsc and download 2012-03-20] per the Slideshare transcription of the slides:

"presentation transcript [...] in legend, Hygeia is the daughter of the god of medicine, and is closely correlated with the origin of the vis medicatrix naturae [...] is a belief in wellness a recognition of the vis? The VIS embraces VITALISM [his caps]. Natural medicine is fundamentally a vitalistic practice (vis medicatrix naturae) [...requiring] understanding the vis [...] I have been involved in naturopathic medicine for 35 years and I still can’t define it. Nonetheless we can see the Vis in others—it is something we all sense [...] the level of a patient’s vitality; when it increases you know you are on the path to cure, but if it decreases then you are only palliating symptoms and suppressing the individual’s expression of the Vis [...] VMN = the healing power of nature. VMN = the self-organizing property. The VMN functions in any given living system as the tendency to organize that system so as to maintain existence.The Vis is universal [...] an internal intelligence for self-maintenance [...] the Vis exists universally and is a cosmological reality [...] the vis is not weakened or strengthened by the weakness or strength of the individual. The VMN exists internally and universally [...] naturopathic medicine distinguishes itself philosophically from mainstream medicine by its core principle: vis medicatrix naturae, the healing power of nature. Its insistence on referring to the vital force [...] my current thinking: Vis is the manifestation of the universal consciousness in biological form. Our environment, beliefs, interactions with others, actions, lifestyle,diet, etc. modulate the manifestation of Vis as our vitality, but Vis itself is immutable. As we harmonize with the Vis, our consciousness expands [...] natural medicine physician of the future fully understands and embraces the vis [...the future is] FULLY embracing the VIS [his caps]."

Note: ah, ye old science-ejected vitalism at the core of the therefore quite falsely labeled "science-based."  This is the absurdity, irrationality and dumb-assedness at the heart of naturopathy / natural medicine.  He begins with a history lesson.  But the unspoken lesson is that many ideas have been tossed onto the junk-pile of superstition and obsolesce.  Vitalism is such a belief.

Several other things from this lecture:

he mentions "advisory" and "physician visits" but I'm temped to term them 'ad-VIS-ory' and 'VIS-its'!  Thanks for the nutty advice Joe like "placebo is still more effective than virtually every drug" -- really!;

this whole 'all of reality is a universal consciousness / an intelligent living whatever' is pantheism and kind, dressed down, and therein what's really being espoused is a religion disguised in labels of "science".  In fact, in naturopathy school, since 'vis' is also within the body and equated with god essentially, I got the impression is is also what I term autoentheism...a god-within belief system falsely labeled science;

how scientific is something claimed as scientific that is not in any way definable?  It's like saying 'I really don't know what kind of cloths the Emperor is not wearing: I know we can't prove that the cloths are there because he's naked, but I know they're they and I'm framing my whole context around that fact and I'll blithely ignore all that uncoveredness as cosmological reality!';

"scientific materialism is an incomplete description of reality" really means 'in spite of science being reliant upon evidence, we have our metaphysical / supernatural / unevidenced model and that is our fundamental position; what's imagined and what's real are the same thing';

basic science is claimed as embraced except when it comes to that central naturopathic beliefs, like vitalism [and things like homeopathy!];
modern medicine is falsely posed as allopathy;

the past is posed as the future! This fits well with 'the reversal of all values' at the heart of naturopathy: natural is really supernatural, science is really nonscience, facts are actually beliefs as necessary in this world as belief in flying carpets, dragons, and magic beans. Therein, truth is really falsehood: in claiming all this "science" upon the broadly science-exterior!!!

003. the NUHS Slideshare account home page states [vsc 2012-03-20]:

"National University of Health Sciences. Lombard,IL, United States Education. www.nuhs.edu. 1-800-826-6285. National University of Health Sciences is the nation’s premier institution for integrative health science education. Here you’ll find outstanding preparation in integrative health care professions such as chiropractic and naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and oriental medicine, massage therapy, biomedical science, and more."

Note: so, the 'licensed falsehood' commercial and academic racket continues.
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