Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vancouver Sun's Randy Shore: A "Food and Science Reporter" Who Misses Naturopathy's Essential Pseudoscience in this Commercial for Them

here, I cite from a recent Vancouver Sun [VS] video about naturopathy [see 001., below]; then, I illuminate what is grossly overlooked [see 002., below]; and finally, I better answer the question posed by the VS [see 003., below]:

001. the VS states in "Video: Empowered Health - What is a Naturopathic Practitioner?" (2012-03-21) [vsc 2012-03-20]:

"[from the description] the Sun's food and science reporter Randy Shore [...]";

there's a weird combination!!!  I think one part of that mixture here may be an example of ravenous gullibility, and it's not the science part!

"explains the benefits of using a naturopathic practitioner to help improve your health [...this] Empowered Health episode  [] designed to put you in control of your health [...]";

sounds good!  One way to get empowered and in control is to get knowledgeable.  But, right away, we're not getting objectivity me things -- we're getting the language of one-sided UNCRITICAL PROMOTION.

"[from the video] naturopaths are guided by a set of principles [...] naturopathic doctors believe that the body has the power to heal itself [PTHI...]";

I'll talk about this more in 002. below.

"your treatment may include herbal and botanical remedies, vitamins and minerals, natural health products, and homeopathic medicines [...and] practices like traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and homeopathy"

homeopathy!  Which I'll talk about in 002., below too.

"naturopaths complete three years of university then four years of training in the same basic sciences that medical doctors receive [...] naturopathic medicine has its own peer reviewed scientific journals where research is vetted and published [...]";

and the old 'it is science' claim.

Note: and that's all you get, really.  You would think that someone who is a "science" reporter would engage in some ANALYSIS and RESEARCH, instead of repeating the language that you basically find on any ND web page.  So much has been left out that I feel instead manipulated and uninformed from this video, not empowered and informed.  So, I'll inform and empower you myself with some interesting facts about 'the essentially naturopathic.'

002. deep within naturopathy:

is this fact [amongst other absurdities]: the central belief of naturopathy [PTHI, you might say] is simply this: vitalism (which is science-ejected yet falsely claimed as science-based).  I've been blogging about such absurdity here for more than 600 posts, roughly.

to state it simply: naturopathy engages in commerce both academically and clinically via false labels that are QUITE EASY to expose.  Science is used as a label upon the hugely science-ejected, inefficacious treatments like homeopathy are falsely labeled powerful, etc.

003. so to answer that VS question "what is a naturopathic practitioner?":

in my view, an ND is someone who has been grossly MISEDUCATED and is basing their context on what is FALSE.  'The essentially naturopathic' is, truly, nonsense.

why weren't we told this?  This information isn't hard to find these days.  It merely requires some science, some internet browsing, and some thoughtfulness.

For instance, here are the first-page results using the term "naturopathic science" [without the quotes; 2012-03-22]:

It seems to me the VS wants only one side -- the promotional, incomplete, manipulative and false side -- of naturopathy to be known.  Obviously from the search above there is ANOTHER SIDE.  And, in my opinion, it is and that get it right.
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