Friday, June 8, 2012

A 2012 Letter to the New York State Senator Sponsoring Naturopathy's Licensure Bill

here, I reproduce the short letter I wrote this morning to Senator LaValle [see 001., below]; then I share how you can contact him, too [see 002., below]: 

"Dear Honorable Senator,

I write this as a watcher of naturopathy who also went through one of their ND programs.  What I know is quite 'from the inside' and I've also continued my research publicly at the blog Naturocrit. 

I am a critic of naturopathy, in sum, after finding out all that I know, and I am not  alone.  The licensure of naturopathy is the licensure of falsehood, I can bluntly state. A very highly trafficked web site is 'Respectful Insolence' up at National Geographic's  Science Blogs. MD and PhD Gorski has a recent post about naturopathy and I've commented upon naturopathic licensure there. 

I scratch my head, after all that has been published (see ), concerning why consumer protections would  be so thrown under the bus by legally sanctioning what I think is an apparatus engaged in delusion, deception, irrationality and quackery. New York State, much like Oregon, will, by placing the State's Seal over naturopathy commerce, becoming an accessory to such. 

Though I am not a New York resident, I was born there, and my family resides there. I went to the City University of New York.   I took undergraduate science classes there. Naturopaths claim what they do is science-based in their document "Benefit Analysis of Licensing Naturopathic Doctors May 2011" [vsc 2012-06-08], stating  'naturopathy is a science-based health care practice.' This is patently false, regarding the essentially naturopathic like homeopathy. What they label as science, basically, would get you an F in an undergraduate science class taught to the national science standards. 

I've been watching this licensure process with trepidation. NDs likely will get their way, as they have in other states, and with licensure, they will regulate themselves eventually and licensed falsehood will be quite satisfied with  itself, yet still false. 

Thank you for your time, Rob Cullen."

Note: one thing to note is that if naturopathy as-what-it-truly-is is licensed in New York State and is legislated as "science-based", wow.  It would be as egregious as licensing 1+2=5.  It's really that simple. 

002. you too can contact this misguided lawmaker at:

Kenneth P. LaValle

Albany Office
188 State Street Room 806, Legislative Office Building
Albany, NY 12247
United States
Phone: (518) 455-3121

District Office
28 North Country Rd Suite 203
Mount Sinai, NY 11766
United States
Phone: (631) 473-1461
Fax: (631) 473-1513

Note: perhaps we should send copies of books that explain what science supports and what science doesn't support, too.  As well as a book on ethics.
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